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The Sky Serpent Tribe

The Sky Serpent tribe hail from the Water Needle region.

  Their current chief is Rock Sea Spear, the oldest of twins. He's one minute older than his brother Soar Sea Spear. Both forty-three and the most militant of leaders, requiring an extended army period.
Their military strength though, to many, comes at the cost of the people's wealth. They have the least local traders and low product output.

They bare the most scars, and pray most desperately. They work the hardest but perhaps not the smartest. They don’t build monuments, they haven’t the time. Instead gambling on war and counting their dead. Working forwards, desperate to keep from their own destruction.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

When it comes to joining, the paired last names, the female will take the first.

Masculine names

When it comes to joining, the paired names the male will take the second.

Family names

Their last names generally are two names which are not joined by any means but rather separate in order to mark who they are. With most marriages joining the singular of the names to create a new name.


Major language groups and dialects

Xhosa, aka the common tongue being their first, but all Black Air Raiders are taught a dialect that is almost entirely their own.

Shared customary codes and values

War is their primary shared value. They believe in it as their strength, understanding the pain of their existence. But as difficult as things are, as poor as they are, they do not harm each other. They are a tribe built of their honour, it’s what they can afford.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Their funeral rites consist of wrapping their dead in a special sheeting, a silk that burns with three times the intensity of paper, then pour oil before placing them on a pyre and burning it.

Words are said, to commemorate the dead and their tools are mailed back to their relations


Relationship Ideals

Survival is the best ideal, as death is so common. The competence to come back home and rest is one of the greatest ideals for a Sky Serpent.

Major organizations

Both brothers have tasted war and victory. The only thing that weakens them is the misfortune that comes from trade. The need to generate true wealth makes them weak despite their military prowess.

  The younger brother Soar Sea Spear fully understands that their people are in a state of desperation. It is not entirely visible as their losses appear small, but every death is a sword of Damocles over their heads.

  One of their largest sources of income come from trade agreements with the Corsairs to protect their shipments. They also provide protection for the Humans in Taung and have been forced to travel far and work hard in order to bring back something that their leadership can use to regain the tribe’s strength.

  The Sky Jaguars were used up then destroyed, the risk is the same, they’re tap dancing on quicksand but will keep working to regain their power to a new age.

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