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The Golden Mountain Eagle


  Mountain Eagles are super large Eagles.

Their Heights range from two meters to seven meters in length.

Their wingspan ranges from four to fifteen meters.

Their claws and talons are thick and powerfully capable of lifting heavy objects like cattle.

Mountain Eagles, have moderately large features. Their colour's either a dark brown or pure white as a camouflaging method.

Both Groups of Corsairs and Black Air Raiders have patrols to keep an eye out for Mountain Eagle hunting packs but hunting is hard as they're considered to have high intelligence, figuring things out fast and remembering past failures. They learn, breed quick and grow quicker, they are a menace to society as a whole.


Danger Rating


Eight Star Danger Rating

It's estimated that about one hundred and fifty Black Air Raider and Corsair children are killed every year.

They, unlike other eagles, travel in hunting packs of three to seven but have grouped to numbers as high as two hundred.

They're a major threat to Black Air Raider Children, as they are often caught out in the open by roving Mountain Eagle packs.

Mountain Eagle nests are hunted and destroyed by Black Air Raider hunting groups every year.


Social Traits

The social habits of the Golden Eagle are hard to get a lock on as they can adapt and change very quickly but they seem to be able to communicate, centring around a centre eagle who the Black Air Raiders call the Queen Eagle.


Social Stigma

They're also called Golden Eagles, not because they are gold, but as a sign of disrespect towards the Golden Eagle race.

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