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Black Air Raiders DON"T SING

Despite the Black Air Raider's ability to live at impossible altitudes and strong lungs. Black Air Raiders DO NOT SING.   The Speak, The Yell, The Roar.   But most vitally they TALK.   Poetry, the spoken word and rap are the manner with which Black air Raiders go to war with each other. You can lose a fight and be defended. You can lose a race in flight and still be defended. You can fall apart in a dance and still be respected.   But to fail in the words? TO FAIL IN WORDS? What could be more disgusting? What could be more shameful or insulting?


The history comes from war. The down time between Black Air Raiders as they fly to war or stand in formation. It was a tool designed break down tension completely.   These grew as a tradition with leaders of formations in the wait before the lines clashed with deliberately make jokes and allow individuals to respond,if they could with something funny that could make a Black Air Raider Laugh, or call out in shock and awe at just how good that last jock or spin on words was.


Successful execution is breaking your group down with the power of your own quick thinking and your words, being so mean you can hurt a person's feelings or hype yourself up so high people just burst out laughing or you heart an enemies feeling with your word play alone.

Components and tools

Your words and your vocab is the greatest tool that has ever. A Black Air Raider's Dance is their respect and humility. A Black Air Raider's Words are their honour and pride.


Every one MUST be a percipient. Every Black Air Raider better know how to talk on their feet, form word play and intelligent thought processes.   IF you can't you dumb. IF you can't, you aren't a Real Raider.


There are no private observers. Every Black Air Raider is the most important observer, irrespective of the age.

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Sep 2, 2018 19:00

You say "they don't sing "but you put an photo with killer B? Will be a better idea to put this and put the title "where you say to a black air rider to sing "

Sep 2, 2018 19:16 by VR Sibeko

LOL Killer B doesn't Sing. He raps. Those to me are very different things.