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Ukuzimela - (Black Air Raider Flight Test)

This is one of the most vital of events for every single Black Air Raider, as it is proof of independence for Black Air Raiders, one of the first. A proud Black Air Raider is self-sufficient. One cannot save others if they cannot save yourself.

  This is the moment for a youngling to show who they are, what they want for themselves and who they are fighting for. The ones that love them, everyone who cares is there, watching as they either take flight or die.

Take flight or die is the whole test as they jump from a ledge into one of the most difficult air currents in all of the Black Thorne and if they manage to figure out the winds and fly then their words have value. If they fail, they fall below the clouds, there the shock of the world below overwhelms them and the die. Meaning their words meant nothing.

  This is their first test. The first of many.


This was a cultural event created by the Sky Jaguar tribe, when they noticed that too many of their young were being killed by the Golden Eagles and that people were too scattered. The Warchief, one of the oldest Sky Jaguar Warcheifs declared the day as a Black Air Raider's first day.

The test worked. The deaths to Golden Eagles were greatly reduced and acts individual chivalry and greatness grew, making Sky Jaguars smarter and more industrious.

It was as though a truth in Black Air Raiders was unleashed, a biological and cultural tie being found.

It soon became a major event for all Black Air Raiders.


The event starts with the child's wings being waxed; the drumming pattern of the grand event being played.

  That child is then carried and flown to one of the event points and you find yourself being surrounded by many, many Black Air Raiders.

    The drumming intensifies.

    The crowds grow and then the children are placed on the mount. A large stone platform which leads a massive drop into the "The Carpet" and death.

    The winds here are the strongest and most disorientating.

  A seven-year-old Black Air Raider must stand at the edge and when the drumming stops, JUMP.

They must control themselves and understand the winds in time to be fly before they fall into the clouds otherwise known as the carpet. If they fall past the carpet. They will die of shock.

But if they take flight they are defined by their declaration, name and tribe along with Tribal allegiances, mostly for the Sky Jaguar Tribe members. Victory is met with cheers and pride, it is their first showing of true independence and self-sufficiency.


This event is generally for the entire family. But local leadership, friends of families and so one are invited.

  There is only one formal role, that’s the member of Royalty who records the name and declaration of the Black Air Raider Child.


The major event happens on the new snow moon. The snow moon coming the day after the fire moon fades.

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