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Mmabatho Steel & Iron


The organisation is passed from family member to family member with the oldest family members filling the large Mmabatho house and working from there while the others were given shares from the money, on the condition that they work along and their family members are trained.


They own a Jingelor along with money in a Jingelor farm which protects their secrets.
They have a massive main home which is protected by the Jingelor.
They have hundreds of thousands in gold, invested in cities in across bo-ko-ni-bo-pha.


The birth of the family art was born from murder, when the oldest patriarch fought for his life when trapped in a prison cell and broke out using metal he slowly and carefully worked.
Using this he killed his way to freedom only to kidnap and enslave a family of blacksmiths until he could escape capture and return to his people. Once he returned he used what he learned to build himself and empire of weapon making, hiring people to steal weapons knowledge in order to tutor and raise the most weapon smart children in all the of the Black Thorne in order to make methods that are almost entirely unique.
Founding Date
Financial, Merchant League
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