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The Crystal Ram Horn Tribe Monarchy

“Tell me Destiny. how have you been?” Father Nceba asked, Zandi’s eyebrow raised.
“As Warchief, queen and mother of my own trinity, there’s always trouble.” Destiny said.
“I have children of my own, five. Who have many children of their own? I understand completely.” He said with a smile.
“Yes, I now have my second grandchild from my first born.” Warchief Destiny said.
“It’s a wondrous feeling isn’t it?” Father Nceba said.
“It is, but I have so many children already.”
“Yes of course, but its special when it’s your own.”
The Warchief laughed softly and nodded her head. “I’m not going to say word either way.” She said smirking. they both laughed for a while.
“So, I didn’t know you know Bishop. And I like to know about the leadership on the territories below me.”
“Bishop helped the designers upgrade my son’s home directly. That was the first time I met him. Him and his brother. Then aid in the defence of my family when members of the Lupi territory attatcked.”
“Kidnapped your daughter, killing her husband. Heart breaking affair. I’m sorry for your loss,” Destiny said.
He sighed, “Don’t be, it ended as well a it could. There’s been conflicted between our two territories since I was a baby.”
“Any end in sight?” She asked smirking, her eyes looked different to Zandi all of a sudden, they reminded her of her uncle’s eyes when ever she looked at her.
He sighed, “Our people grow restless and these, the Lupi Father appears unwilling to co-operate. I fear, he favours war over peace.” He paused there and looked hard at the Warchief. “You have already been approached for aid, haven’t you?”
“Yes, we have, but we have rejected their offer, for now only.”
“Why reject it?” He asked.
“I feel it would not be beneficial to my people”
“How so?”
“Firstly, unlike other races and their environments out way of fighting as not greatly suited. Secondly unlike the Lupi trip your one of the three Sigcawu tribes living below the heaven’s needle provoking a conflict would create issues as you may retaliate, and you wouldn’t have to move far to do it.”
“I see clearly now. Any property damage and casualties would not b worth the offer.”
“Yes, if only the offer were bigger serious consideration might have gone into it. You see Nceba, I know your not a foolish man. I know the reason you are here instead of some sort of representative is because you really wanted to see me. I wanted to see you too. Which is why I came myself instead of sending one of my daughters.
“Are you a fan of Sigcawu entertainment?” He asked. she watched him so slowly at first and relaxed slowly into he seats.
“I would be lying if I said I knew too much about it. but the little I’ve seen has been very impressive.”
“Good then allow me the opportunity, no, honour to add to that small amount.”
“As you will, I assume we’ll continue later.”
“If you will. I assume we’ll continue then so be it, but I must confess, I feel I need a moment for my thoughts, we are talking about a war.”
“Indeed.” She replied smirking and turning to Zandi who had been watching wide eyed. She’d heard everything and understood basically nothing, only that her father had been involved and been helful, someone had died and that was all she knew. the war chief called her over and picked her up. she was very strong, she hadn’t expected to be picked up at all, not at her age. she called the other two girls and sat then on each of the chair’s arms.
What’s your name?” she asked Macy first. Macy smiled airily and gave her name and surname, Alicia followed suit, jumping ahead being asked. The Warchief smiled. Zandi patted, the Warchief on the chest. “Miss Warchief? what is a Warchief?”


Boko ni bo pha


They were some of the most advanced and most trained forced in the Black Thorne as fighting and war are their entire lives. They never stop being warriors as every civilian is either a former warrior or a warrior in training.

Technological Level

They are a technologically advanced people with individual families who hone their arts to make the Crystal Ram Horn Tribe powerful.   Smithing being an example of one of their great advances with metal working and weapon making being key due to the honour brought upon by families such as the Mmabatho family who have technological secrets so powerful they keep Jingelors to keep them safe.


They are a people of extreme faith and follow the gods and their stories as the maps for their lives. The Follow Modimo Hleko the goddess of creation and the God of Gods for all Black Air Raiders. There are as many as 20 gods, each with their own Function in the world and must be honoured and prayed to as often as possible.


  • The Rolling Heavens Needle
    The Rolling Heavens needle is a land of ice and imaginably taller towers of rock called needles and are shared between multiple races with the Black Air Raiders on top, the Sicgawu in the middle and others at the bottom.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Enthuthuku Gold, Silver, Copper
Legislative Body
The Royal Gaurd are a varied unit and with their ranks there is law enforcement, law enforment approved of and controlled by the Warcheif.
Judicial Body
The Warchief is the ultimate judge of all things but her family do possess control to make choices but only on the condition that they are given permission by the Warchief. This duty is essentially given to any the Warcheif deems worthy and is reset once they Warchief is changed.
Official Languages
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


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