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Judge Sunrise

Judge Sunrise

"You know, he loves fast things, it’s probably why he'd be best suited to you."
Heather gripped her sword, to regain her balance, it wasn't working out. Heather stepped closer, Merriam rambled on.
"I don't think he'll become a wizard so don't worry there. I bet he'll be gorgeous, smart and tough as nails. Tough enough to survive in a world outside his own."
  Tribe: Newly Crystal Ram Horn
Territory: Rolling Heaven's Needle
Province: Boko-ni-bophi-ma
Country: Edudweni
Age: 10

Physical Description

Body Features

He has light skin, medium to long hair which he ties to the back of his head with his mother's hooks. Something he does to remember his mother.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He is a child of Prophesy.

His mother, an oracle, predicted that he would be king and it was verified by the Black Air Raider Priests. This is believed so completely both his parents sacrificed their lives and his future to save his suffering people.

Gender Identity



He's a school student.

Mental Trauma

The biggest issue he has is the reality that he is adopted and that he's a human in a different world. He's been delivered to the Warchief and is forced to be accepted.

Then attached to that same Trauma comes the promise that he will become a human king.

Intellectual Characteristics

He's actually very clever even for a human with great empathy and emotional intelligence, which allows him to be liked and even pushed by others.


Family Ties

Mother: Merrium Sunrise
Father: Mathias Sunrise

Wealth & Financial state

He's had multiple wealth ranges. A king's son to a pauper, to a middle class kid.
Current Location
Current Residence
Known Languages
As a new member of a tribe, that not only looks down on other races, but gets easily offended and kills 'other' with no remorse. He has been forced to extremely fluint in all dialects.


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I don't understand why you put an photo of trunks/gohan/goku, no one of this characters have something in common with your character (except the gender )your character is an king and intelligent guy, now one in dragon Ball is an inteligent guy (in the rest the article is acceptable, nothing very bad or very good )