The Married Battleaxe

Ivywood Village Tavern & Inn

A tavern run by a married dwarven couple, Tisdyl Cragbrewer and Lasnia Cragbrewer. On the wall behind the bar is a pair of crossed battle axes. The couple met each other in a conflict, they were on opposing sides. They fought each other and wounded one another to the point they couldn't fight anymore. As they laid there while the battle continued past them, they started trading taunts and insults. After awhile their insults became complaints about army life and fighting in general. In the end they found they actually liked each other and decided to help one another to bandage wounds and limp off the field. They retired, married, and left the Irotrie Mountains to escape the fighting. They settled in the village of Ivywood Village and opened a tavern. They decided to call it The Married Battleaxe since they refer to each other as their 'Battleaxe'.


There is one main door that leads into the taproom. Off the kitchen in the back is a side door to access the storage shed and woodpile. The kitchen also has a set of stairs going down into the cellar.

Contents & Furnishings

Sturdy ooden tables and chairs in an assortment of heights and sizes. Most is sized for humans but there are some sized for dwarves and smaller folk.


A squat bulding with a stone founation and lower walls with a wooden upper structure.
Lasnia Cragbrewer
Tisdyl Cragbrewer
Founding Date
104 A.S.
Alternative Names
The Battleaxe
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

Cover image: by Lethann Aeda


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5 Dec, 2020 11:52

I just wanted to say, this is the BEST origin story for a tavern I have *ever* come across! :D

— The wolf of Tales of Justice, Creator of Legends of Elohey, Star Wars: Shards, Fiven Chronicles and more!
5 Dec, 2020 15:37

Thanks so much! I was spamming fantasynamegenerators and when that came up the whole story just came to me. Should be able to clean this up and write it much better in the coming days.

Grandmaster Teyvill
Andrew Belenkiy
5 Dec, 2020 19:25

Well, that is a wholesome story. What I like the most is the fact that it is a quite grounded story. I used to love hanging out at Turkish family-owned small restaurants, and this is exactly the kind of story I'd hear there over a cigarette with the owner ;)

6 Dec, 2020 01:37

That's precisely the feel I was going for with this. Picturing all the lumberjacks and mill workers coming in after a hard day's work, everyone tired but needing that family atmosphere. And with two warrior dwarves willing to deal with anyone who tries to start a fight just seemed perfect.

3 Jan, 2021 02:00

I especially enjoy their love story here. From nearly killing each other to finding love as they lay wounded. Excellent work!

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3 Jan, 2021 07:37

When I get around to doing their full character articles there will be a full story of that. I really love these two.