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Ivywood Lumber Mill

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  The Ivywood Lumber Mill is a state of the art mill located along the upper Somerdale River, on the edge of the Irotrie Forest.   It is owned by the Ivywood Lumber Company (ILC) that is based out of Riverhelm.   ILC has invested in the technolgies developed by Zilrick Brasspring.  

Mill Design

  The mill is located at a point along the Somerdale River where the water makes a 20 foot drop. The water wheel was constructed alongside the waterfall with a trough guiding a portion of the water out over the wheel. Through a series of gears and other tinker mechanisms the waterwheel then powers a spinning blade inside the mill building. Workers slide the logs along a trough to the blade then down a slide outside where another set of workers stack the cut logs.  


While the mill itself is a large building along the river, there are several outbuildings where spare equipment and replacement parts are kept. These are not the most sturdy of buildings and are little more than shacks ment to keep the weather off the contents.
Founding Date
105 A.S.
Alternative Names
Ivywood Mill
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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