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Velegrim of Merthiorn

Captain Velegrim of Merthiorn

Thaur Island
Second daughter of Queen Onnamar and King Thinamy, Velegrim was a member of the Merthiornite Royal Family that served as the captain of the royal guard until her death during the High Rust.  

Physical Aspect

Velegrim was a furry societarian of fennec fox phenotype.
She was short and thin, with huge ears and a thick furry tail.
Her eyes were pale brown and her fur was pale blonde with a white face, belly, hands and feet, and a black tail tip. She had darker lines from the eyes to the sides of the lips.   Velegrim carried herself with a proud stance and was fit and very strong for her size.  


Patient, but commanding, Velegrim was described by the Princess Eigaler as a "Strict but still fun aunt" who had a deep knowledge of several topics and loved to teach.  

Likes and Dislikes

Velegrim's favourite pastime was hunting with her packs of chasehound and alaunt lyraiks riding on alzufhar.
She liked to teach people about the topics she was good at, and of course, liked to take her nieces and nephews hunting with her.   She disliked sloppy people and those that had an uninterested outlook on life, and had an exaggerated hate for licern cheese, that she would make any cook that could potentially feed her know about.  


Velegrim was born in the 3rd of Sowing, 2938 E.Alz in the City of Spire. She was the second child of her parents Onnamar and Thinamy, born two years after her eldest sister Tesel.   She showed a disposition for combat from a young age, which the royal family immediately acted upon by providing her extensive training and mentorship.
She joined the military in her teenage years and demonstrated great abilities for leadership and an awe-inspiring capacity to get respect.   Velegrim ascended in ranks until she was ready to be appointed as the captain of the royal Guard in 2961 E.Alz at 29 years old.
Thankfully for the Kingdom of Merthiorn, she commanded during a long period of peace in the kingdom, and as such most of the Guard's work during this period had to do with diplomatic missions.   Velegrim had two children, both of whom were boys and followed her steps in the military.   She moved to the City of Goldwaste in 2962 E.Alz soon after its founding and died there after being overtaken by rust two weeks after her sister Tesel, on the 6th of Sowing, 1 E.Ru.
Fennec Fox
Lawful Neutral
Date of Birth
3rd of Sowing, 2938 E.Alz
Date of Death
6th of Sowing, 1 E.Ru
Place of Death
Aligned Organization

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