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Spooktober 2022

This is the collection area for my Spooktober items. I'm focusing on my Superhero world specifically because that one needs more development in terms of the underlying details and a few minor plots, but if I'm really stumped I have a few other worlds.   For the picture, I included the 66+ words in this article. For the historical entries, I checked the word count including the brief summary and the longer information.     1. Portrait   Created a PORTRAIT of Ethelyn Suthmeer in ArtBreeder, which can be found in her article. Ethelyn is meant to have Asian ancestry on her mother's side, and Caucasian on her father's side. She's a teenager, so it was important for her face to look young. It's hard to get personality through a picture I'm not creating myself, but I tried to make her look a bit uncertain.   2. Vanish   Wrote a historical event detailing how Lightman and Velocity VANISHed, found here: Lightman and Velocity Vanish. (Or if that doesn't work, try the Ruby's History timeline.)   3. Abandoned   Started an article about Epogeos Labs, the ABANDONED laboratory where Ruby Gray received some of her superpowers.   4. Enchant   Came up with the acronym for ENCHANT as the central technology behind the H-Series robots. It forms their heart, which is ironic since it's literally a human brain.   5. Misfortune   False Hope is the nickname for a girl with the power to afflict someone with MISFORTUNE for around twenty four hours.   6. Chasm   Wrote a historical item about the CHASM that developed between Ruby and Ethelyn. The Schism   7. Thorn   The THORN Initiative is now the name for one of the more sinister secret organizations within my world. But man, acronyms are hard.   8. Howl   Ruby has a lot of pets. This particular one resembles a werewolf but is not a werewolf. Mortimer the Wolf tends to HOWL at the moon at the appropriate time.   9. Mirror   The MIRROR universe to the one I have created is the Alternate Universe and now it has its own article.   10. Broken   The Shards of Chaos are the BROKEN pieces of a satellite repurposed as membership tokens for a villainous organization.   11. Escape   Ruby's ESCAPE from the people who kidnapped her is found here: Escape from Epogeos Labs.   12. Slime   The Goop are basically nothing but SLIME. Another one of Ruby's homemade monsters.   13. Haunt   Ruby accidentally traveled back in time one month, leading to Double January, an event where she made the effort to HAUNT her foes and drive them up a wall.   14. Ruin   The Center of Ruination is a meeting place for villains that has been a RUIN since before superpowers were even a thing.   15. Mist   Knock Out Perfume is meant to be MISTed into the air in order to use it, and is a useful technology for any aspiring villain and quite a few heroes.   16. Whisper   Whisper Gloves are useful because they transmit sounds made by the wearer to another place, at a volume no louder than a WHISPER.   17. Shadow   The Order of Death is a SHADOW cult devoted to assassinating people. They're so secret that even if you've heard the name, you probably think it's not actually a thing.   18. Spirit   Being a Murderous Spirit is a profession, albeit one that people don't have much of a choice about. They are like SPIRITS of the night, nearly undetectable assassins.   19. Relic   A RELIC of the past, the Night Queen was one of the first superheroes to operate publicly, although this was less of a choice and more of a necessity.   20. Unquiet   When one is a supervillain, you don't necessarily want to call attention when someone breaks into your warehouses, so you use the Standard Warehouse Alarm Technique which sends out a silent alarm and is designed to leave the intruder with a sense of UNQUIET that disorients them.   21. Shatter   Naven Museum Heist was a skirmish that ended when Ruby SHATTERed the thing that everyone was there for.   22. Lock   The Mirror Vault is used to LOCK away the Amulet of Mirrors, either to keep it safe or to keep it contained.   23. Door   Mental Defenses are a common factor in this particular world, with crafting them being something akin to getting a vaccine. A particular way these defenses and constructs can manifest is by appearing as a DOOR.   24. Curse   Tempero's Curse is an ailment that afflicts only certain of the people that Tempero uses his powers on, rather like a CURSE.   25. Possess   The Amulet is Rediscovered and is thus POSSESSed by a new owner for the first time in centuries.   26. Abyss   The Chronometrical ABYSS is the only safe space within the Psiaic Dimension.   27. Echo   Insubstantium is a material found in the Psiaic Dimension that can create an ECHO or an imprint of someone's memories.   28. Darkness   Anti-Light Retrievers are dogs whose fur absorbs light, putting smaller spaces into DARKNESS.   29. Hunt (Jay Cho)   Jay Cho used to HUNT Ruby Gray, unbeknownst to him.   30. Tear   The Rip In Space and Time represents a TEAR in reality through which the monster Katastrophis comes.   31. Drown   The Standard Debt Repayment Schedule includes many things, but the most common is the threat to DROWN someone, as well as the traditional retelling of the story of how the super Verti was actually drowned to emphasize the danger.


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