Salty Crackers


The Band

Bobbin Alchemist and Fireworks Technician this Goblin has the ability to craft Alchemical and Magic Items.
Hide Halfling Spellcasting Rogue who was found wandering the Vrur Steppe.
Jackal A Gnollic Rogue that disappeared after Jiim was crushed in the Engleher Silver Mine.
Jiim An Orcish Champion of the Dawnbringers he's on a mission to spread the Sun Maiden's light in Mifob.
Mellwell Dwarven Witch with Alchemist training from dwarven holds in the Katoj Dekun Mountains. Toni Mellwell's Familiar sent to her by Nightvoice.
Navi Hrava Circle of the Storm Druid She Returned to the Hravra Taurid after returning Nicholas body to his father.


Dever An Ox provided to the band by the Jartkiir

Public Agenda

This band of adventurers has been commissioned to investigate the disappearance of a team of scouts.


Dever's Cart

The party was granted the cart by Dipalasa Ntso so they could make the trip to Engleher
Cargo 14/25 Bulk

Character Options

New PCs to this campaign Have the following options at character creation.
Uncommon Heritages
Uncommon Backgrounds




Hand in the Jar

Moderate Favor
Pasker Mason offered the band 200gp if they can find the Passing Hand crew that was sent to recover the treasure of the Fen Watchtower .
— Ruins of the Fen Watchtower

The Sorry Farmhand

To scrounge up a little extra money, Hide hired himself out to the Roper Ranch where while mending a fence one of Karl Roper Oxen were swallowed into the ground
  • Reward- 1 sp 3 cp
  • Session- To the Cursed Fens
  • Complete

    Passer's Plague

    Major Favor
    To cover their Passage they have been indentured to Engleher Caravan Company to find the owner's son Nicholas Engleher. Jartkiir representatives at the Bone Spyglass Commissioned the party.
    — Passer's Plague
    Founding Date
    14 Death 51
    Adventuring Party
    Alternative Names
    a band
    Notable Members


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