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You are an eternal student of the arcane secrets of the universe, using your mastery of magic to cast powerful and devastating spells. You treat magic like a science, cross-referencing the latest texts on practical spellcraft with ancient esoteric tomes to discover and understand how magic works. Yet magical theory is vast, and there’s no way you can study it all. You either specialize in one of the eight schools of magic, gaining deeper understanding of the nuances of those spells above all others, or favor a broader approach that emphasizes the way all magic comes together at the expense of depth.


Career Progression

  • Have an unquenchable intellectual curiosity about how everything in the world around you works—magic in particular.
  • Believe fervently that your school of magic is superior (if you’re a specialist) or that true mastery of magic requires knowledge of all schools (if you’re a universalist).
  • Use esoteric jargon and technical terms to precisely describe the minutiae of magical effects, even though the difference is probably lost on other people.

Other Benefits

Class Features

Class Feat

  • Level 1- Counterspell
    Counterspell - Class Feat 1

    Requirements You have an unexpended spell slot you could use to cast the triggering spell.
    Trigger A creature casts a spell that you have in your repertoire.
    Description When a foe Casts a Spell you know and you can see its manifestations, you can use your own magic to disrupt it.
    Applications You expend one of your spell slots to counter the triggering creature’s casting of a spell that you have in your repertoire. You lose your spell slot as if you had cast the triggering spell. You then attempt to counteract the triggering spell.   Special This feat has the trait corresponding to the tradition of spells you cast (arcane, divine, natural, or occult).
    , Eschew Materials
    Eschew Materials - Class Feat 1

    Requirements Wizard
    Trigger A Spellcast casts a spell that requires material components.
    Description You can use clever workarounds to replicate the arcane essence of certain materials. 
    Applications When Casting a Spell that requires material components, you can provide these material components without a spell component pouch by drawing intricate replacement sigils in the air. Unlike when providing somatic components, you still must have a hand completely free. This doesn’t remove the need for any materials listed in the spell’s cost entry.



During combat Encounters...

You likely try to stay out of the fray, carefully judging when to use your spells. You save your most powerful magic to incapacitate threatening foes and use your cantrips when only weaker foes remain. When enemies pull out tricks like invisibility or flight, you answer with spells like glitterdust or earth bind, leveling the field for your allies.

During social encounters...

You provide a well of knowledge about arcane matters and solve arguments with logic.

While exploring...

You locate magical auras and determine the arcane significance of magical writing or phenomena you uncover. When you run across an unusual obstacle to further exploration, you probably have a scroll that will make it easier to overcome.

In downtime...

You learn new spells, craft magic items, or scribe scrolls for your party, and seek out new and exciting formulas in addition to spells. You might even forge scholarly connections and establish a school or guild of your own.

Social Status

Others Probably...

• Consider you to be incredibly powerful and potentially dangerous. • Fear what your magic can do to their minds, bodies, and souls, and ask that you avoid casting spells in polite company, as few can identify whether one of your spells is harmless or malevolent until it’s too late. • Assume you can easily solve all their problems, from dangerous weather to poor crop yields, and ask you for spells that can help them get whatever they desire.


Provided Services

Class Actions

  • Drain Bonded Item
    Drain Bonded Item

    Requirements You haven’t acted yet on your turn.
    Description Frequency- once per day   You expend the power stored in your bonded item. 
    Applications During your turn, you gain the ability to cast one spell you prepared today and already cast, without spending a spell slot. You must still Cast the Spell and meet the spell’s other requirements. Degrees of Performance
Other Associated professions

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Pathfinder 2e, Class, Wizard

Hit Points


Key Ability



Level Benefits
1st Ancestry and background initial proficiencies arcane spellcasting arcane school
2nd Skill feat wizard feat
3rd 2nd-level spells general feat skill increase
4th Skill feat wizard feat
5th 3rd-level spells ability boosts ancestry feat lightning reflexes
6th Skill feat wizard feat
7th 4th-level spells expert spellcaster general feat skill increase
8th Skill feat wizard feat
9th 5th-level spells ancestry feat magical fortitude skill increase
10th Ability boosts skill feat wizard feat
11th 6th-level spells alertness general feat skill increase
12th Skill feat wizard feat
13th 7th-level spells ancestry feat defensive robes skill increase
14th Skill feat wizard feat
15th 8th-level spells ability boosts general feat master spellcaster
16th Skill feat wizard feat
17th 9th-level spells ancestry feat resolve skill increase
18th Skill feat wizard feat
19th Archwizard’s spellcraft legendary archwizard general feat skill increase
20th Ability boosts skill feat wizard feat



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