(a.k.a. Hide)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hide woke in the Vrur steppe with no idea who he was or how he got there. He heard a pack of Gnolls approach; he tried to hide in a bush, but was easily found. Amused by the feeble attempt the Gnolls named him Hide. The pack appointed Jackal to take hide back to Uzrush

Amnesiac Halfling returned to Uzrush by a Gnolic tribe

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Blue, Green, Halfling, Eldritch Trickster, Small
Perception +9; Keen Eyes
Languages Common, Halfling, Gnollic, Ignan
Skills Acrobatics +9, Athletics +4, Crafting +7, Deception +7, Diplomacy +7, Intimidation +7, Nature +9, Medicine +7, Occultism +7, Stealth +11, Survival +9, Thievery +9, Underworld Lore +9
Adroit Manipulation If you roll a success on a Thievery check to Pick a Lock, you get a critical success instead.
Bonded Animal You forge strong connections with animals. You can spend 7 days of downtime regularly interacting with a normal animal (not a companion or other special animal) that is friendly or helpful to you. After this duration, attempt a DC 20 Nature check. If successful, you bond with the animal. The animal is permanently helpful to you, unless you do something egregious to break your bond. A helpful animal is easier to direct, as described under Command an Animal.
Keen Eyes You gain a +2 circumstance bonus when using the Seek action to find hidden or Undetected creatures within 30 feet of you.
Lie to Me Use deception or perception to detect a lie
Mobility move half your Speed or less, that movement does not trigger reactions
Quiet Allies you’re skilled at moving with a group. When you are Avoiding Notice and your allies Follow the Expert, you and those allies can roll a single Stealth check, using the lowest modifier, instead of rolling separately. This doesn’t apply for initiative rolls.
Subtle Theft a -2 penalty to attempt to observe you stealing
Wildwood Halfling ignore difficult terrain caused by plants
  Str -1, Dex +4, Con +2, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +2
  Items Adventurer's Pack, Arrows (17), Black Adder Venom, Dagger, Gremlin Tooth, Leather Armor, Shortbow, Spiderfang Spear; Coin 8 sp, 12 gp Bulk: 3 (4 L) / 4 Encumbered/ 9 MAX
Saves AC 19; Fort +7, Ref +11, Will +9
HP 36/36
Speed 25 feet
  Melee Spiderfang Spear +9 [+5/+1] (Thrown 20ft ), Damage 1d6+2 Piercing;
Dagger +9 [+5/+1] (Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft, Versatile), Damage 1d6-1 Piercing
Ranged Shortbow +7 [+2/-3] Damage 1d6 Piercing
  Deny Advantage As someone who takes advantage of others’ defenses, you are careful not to leave such openings yourself. You aren’t flat-footed to hidden, undetected, or flanking creatures of your level or lower, or creatures of your level or lower using surprise attack. However, they can still help their allies flank.
Nimble Dodge +2 Circumstance Bonus on a save against an attack you can see
Sneak Attack 1d6 Precision Damage
Surprise Attack
  Primal Spellcasting Attack +6, DC 16
CANTRIPS Electric Arc, Produce Flame
— The Lost Trickster
Current Status
Elporing the Fen Watchtower
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Halfling, Gnollic, Ignan
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