You didn’t choose to become a spellcaster—you were born one. There’s magic in your blood, whether a divinity touched one of your ancestors, a forebear communed with a primal creature, or a powerful occult ritual influenced your line. Self-reflection and study allow you to refine your inherent magical skills and unlock new, more powerful abilities. The power in your blood carries a risk, however, and you constantly face the choice of whether you’ll rise to become a master spellcaster or fall into destruction.




A Sorcerer needs to Coax their power from Arcane forces.


Filled with magical power that screams for release, sorcery is not so much a calling as a blessing—or a curse. For some sorcerers, this arcane birthright manifests in subtle and carefully controlled ways, assisting in their manipulation of others or the pursuit of lofty goals. For others, it is wild and unpredictable, the primal and explosive lashing out of a power greater than themselves. Presented below are a number of bloodlines representing the mysterious origin of your sorcerer’s abilities.

Career Progression

  • Have a strong independent streak, and whether you embrace or reject your magical heritage, you long to distinguish yourself both as a spellcaster and as an individual.
  • View your lineage with fascination, fear, or something in between—anything from wholehearted acceptance to vehement rejection.
  • Rely on magic items, such as scrolls and wands, to supplement your limited selection of spells.

Other Benefits

Class Features

  • Expert Spellcasting
  • Simple Weapons Expertise
Bloodline Paragon
Master Spellcaster

Description You have achieved mastery over your magic tradition.
Applications Your proficiency ranks for spell attack rolls and spell DCs for spells of your tradition increase to master.
Legendary Spellcaster
Legendary Spellcaster

Description You demonstrate prodigious talent for spellcasting. 
Applications Your proficiency ranks for spell attack rolls and spell DCs for spells of your tradition increase to legendary.



During combat encounters

You use spells to injure your enemies, influence their minds, and hamper their movements. You might be too vulnerable to get into melee combat, or your bloodline might give you abilities that help you hold your own in a brawl. While your magic is powerful, to conserve your best spells—or when you’ve used them all up—you also rely on cantrips.

During social encounters

Your natural charisma makes you good at interacting with people.

While exploring

You detect the magic around you, finding treasures and warning your adventuring group of magical traps. When the group encounters mysteries or problems related to your bloodline, you try to solve them.

In downtime

You craft magic items or scribe scrolls. Your bloodline might drive you to research your ancestry or associate with affiliated people or creatures.

Social Status

  • Marvel at your ability to create magic from thin air and view your abilities with equal parts admiration and mistrust.
  • Consider you less dedicated than studious wizards, devoted clerics, and other practitioners of magic, since power comes to you naturally.
  • Assume you’re as unpredictable as the magic you bring forth, even if your personality proves otherwise.
Other Associated professions

Class Feats

1st Level

  • Counterspell
    Counterspell Class Feat 1

    Requirements You have an unexpended spell slot you could use to cast the triggering spell.
    Trigger A creature casts a spell that you have in your repertoire.
    Description When a foe Casts a Spell you know and you can see its manifestations, you can use your own magic to disrupt it.
    Applications You expend one of your spell slots to counter the triggering creature’s casting of a spell that you have in your repertoire. You lose your spell slot as if you had cast the triggering spell. You then attempt to counteract the triggering spell.   Special This feat has the trait corresponding to the tradition of spells you cast (arcane, divine, natural, or occult).
  • Dangerous Sorcery
    Dangerous Sorcery Class Feat 1

    Description Your legacy grants you great destructive power.
    Applications When you Cast a Spell from your spell slots, if the spell deals damage and doesn’t have a duration, you gain a status bonus to that spell’s damage equal to the spell’s level.
  • Familiar Familiar
    Familiar Class Feat 1

    Description An animal serves you and assists your spellcasting.
    Applications You gain a familiar
  • Reach Spell
    Reach Spell Class Feat 1

    Description You can extend the range of your spells.
    Applications If the next action you use is to Cast a Spell that has a range, increase that spell’s range by 30 feet. As is standard for increasing spell ranges, if the spell normally has a range of touch, you extend its range to 30 feet.
  • Widen Spell

2nd Level

  • Cantrip Expansion
    Cantrip Expansion Class Feat 2

    Description You better understand the basic power of Magic. Add two additional cantrips from your spell list to your repertoire.

4th Level

  • Arcane Evolution
    Arcane Evolution Class Feat 4

    Requirements bloodline that grants arcane spells
    Description Your arcane legacy grants you an exceptional aptitude for intellectual and academic pursuits.
    Applications You become trained in one skill of your choice. Additionally, you keep a book of arcane spells similar to a wizard’s spellbook. You add all the spells in your spell repertoire to this book for free, and you can add additional arcane spells to the book by paying the appropriate cost and using your Arcana skill, similarly to how a wizard can Learn Spells to add those spells to his spellbook.   During your daily preparations, choose any one spell from your book of arcane spells. If it isn’t in your spell repertoire, add it to your spell repertoire until the next time you prepare. If it’s already in your spell repertoire, add it as an additional signature spell for that day.

6th Level

  • Advanced Bloodline
    Advanced Bloodline Class Feat 6

    Requirements bloodline spell
    Description You have studied your bloodline to learn the secrets of its magic.
    Applications You gain the advanced bloodline spell associated with your bloodline. Increase the number of Focus Points in your focus pool by 1.

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Hit Points


Key Ability



Level Benefits
1st Ancestry and background initial proficiencies bloodline sorcerer spellcasting
2nd Skill feat sorcerer feat
3rd 2nd-level spells general feat signature spells skill increase
4th Skill feat sorcerer feat
5th 3rd-level spells ability boosts ancestry feat magical fortitude
6th Skill feat sorcerer feat
7th 4th-level spells expert spellcaster general feat skill increase
8th Skill feat sorcerer feat
9th 5th-level spells ancestry feat lightning reflexes skill increase
10th Ability boosts skill feat sorcerer feat
11th 6th-level spells alertness general feat simple weapon expertise
12th Skill feat sorcerer feat
13th 7th-level spells ancestry feat defensive robes skill increase
14th Skill feat sorcerer feat
15th 8th-level spells ability boosts general feat master spellcaster
16th Skill feat sorcerer feat
17th 9th-level spells ancestry feat skill increase
18th Skill feat sorcerer feat
19th Bloodline paragon general feat legendary spellcaster skill increase
20th Ability boosts skill feat sorcerer feat



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