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A small town nestled within the pass it's named after, one of the few passes to breach the Ironforge Mountains. It has long been a way-stop for travelers and adventurers seeking to rest aching limbs and drown painful memories within her gates. Moreover, it has also gained attention recently as a potential power in the Khababar Confederacy's commerce, due to a discovery of substantial silver deposits buried in the mountains nearby. Over the past three years, the men of Engleher have burrowed into the ground seeking the wealth therein. Able-bodied folk from neighboring villages flocked to the town, hoping to lend their strength within the mines and garner some share of the prize.
Engleher occupies the site of a much older village named Tavish. When Dretha Scythevex arrived in the region in 442 ZR, drawn by a series of sinister visions, the swamps of the Cursed Fens were practically uninhabited. A Few dozen miles Northwest of the village, she built The Fen Watchtower, without attracting notice. A group of adventurers known as the Founders eventually learned of Dretha’s villainy and slew her, but at the cost of one of their own: a rogue named Olman Tavish. Having lost both their friend and their taste for adventuring, the surviving members of the Founders decided to retire. They spent much of their savings constructing several buildings and a sizable pier on the village's bend in the Alhan River south of the site of their final battle.
For some decades, Tavish prospered as a fishing village, though its population never grew beyond a hundred or so. The surviving Founders lived to a ripe old age, ultimately passing away from natural causes—an accomplishment many adventurers never achieve. With the passing of the last Founder, Aeris Roper, in 382 ZR, Tavish’s fortunes began to dwindle. Within the span of a few years, its citizens had all drifted elsewhere. Tavish lay abandoned for decades before a group of Kobolds called the Swampscales moved in. When the kobolds started luring in passing travelers during bad weather to ambush their caravans and steal their cargo, it didn’t take long for new adventurers to arrive and vanquish them.
While the adventurers moved on soon thereafter, their backer, Michael Engleher, remained behind. Engleher, an Augustian explorer, conceived a plan to build a new settlement at the site as a mining town. It already contained dozens of buildings that only needed to be restored, Silver was recently discovered in the nearby Ironforge Mountains, and the Alhan River remained ideal for a mill and lumberyard. However, one setback complicated Michael’s plan—the steep slopes and cliffs surrounding the newly christened Engleher made transporting timber and ore out difficult. His solution was ingenious—he constructed a wooden flume that allowed for the easy transport of materials from the hills to the settlement. The mine and lumber mill made Engleher wealthyand revitalized the village.
Engleher is recovering from a recent plague, the mine was closed and businesses are slowly reopening. Many of the buildings in town are still boarded up.
Michael Engleher is long dead, his descendant Johannas Engleher acts as the town's patron from Uzrush carries on his family legacy by administrating Engleher Silver Suppliers. Herbert Ludwig serves as the town’s mayor. Unsavory representatives of the Jartkiir have secretly infiltrated Engleher and seek to use the villages location to exercise more control over Vrur Margrave. However, a far greater threat looms over the area: Dretha has returned and is preparing to light the baleful fires of the Fen Watchtower once again.


The population is largely Gorum (37%), with smaller numbers of Eurabi (20%), Durtekh (18%), Zoyuragi (10%), Ulus (7%), Avermound (5%) and Hrava (3%).


Village Leadership

Engleher is run by a council of business owners that fund, plan, and carry out village services in Engleher. The council is friendly with any prospective party that is willing to investigate the source of the Plague. Engleher Lore DC 10
  • Mayor: Herbert Ludwig Engleher's Mayor frequently meander's the town glad-handing his constituency, but has lately taken to holding court in his impromptu city hall in the Founder's Stone Inn
  • Consort Pabu Galand The Mayor's husband and closest council spends most of his time in Ludwig Manor.
  • Councilwoman: Arriana Feldspar the wife of Cranston is a thoughtful and farsighted woman. Her soft guidance had shaped Engleher from a frontier outpost into a thriving village.
  • Watch Captain: (vacant) Kolazig Roper has recently succumbed to the Passing Plague.
  • (Grand Diplomat) (Vacant) Maho Roper Roper and his family have temporarily relocated to Irhurma due to the plague.
  • Heir (vacant) Tugen Ludwig has been recalled to Razahd by his parents to wait out the plague.
  • (High Priest) Father Stephan Falfasse has thrown himself into treating the sick at Engleher Chapel.
  • (Magister) (Vacant) Gouenou Kermarrec was among the first to fall to the plague, His family Packed their Alchemy shop and left for Uzrush.
  • Marshal Captain Sheldon Feldspar- The local Militia commander is Cranston's brother.
  • (Enforcer) (Vacant) Watch Lieutenant Karanteg Mordiern left Engleher for Hinahilat to appeal for support.
  • (Spymaster)- Pasker Mason
  • Treasurer: (Vacant) Cranston Feldspar Has led a party to the silver mine and hasn't returned
  • Viceroy:(Vacant) Hjolfi Goldstrand was recalled to Irhurma
  • Warden (Vacant) Harrod Conga has been rallying troops to protect the village and has not been seen in weeks.


Industry & Trade


Terrain Improvements



Old Tavish District

  • Engleher Watch Tower- A bunker-like stone building that houses Engleher’s civic guards.
  • Founder's Stone Inn- A brewery and tavern popular among local farmers and merchants.
  • Loading Flume
  • Mason House
  • Mason's Run Warehouse- Pasker Mason's Warehouse supports the temporary storage of goods for carvan's using the Vrur Road.
  • Old Tavish Market- The one-stop shop for food, tools, and other everyday gear.
  • Roper Lodge- A delivery service always in need of fast,reliable help.
  • Sixinpence- A peculiar curio shop run by an eccentric woman who collects rumors.
  • Tavish Armory- Engleher's’s primary smithy, which sells armor and weapons in addition to saws and axes.
  • Tavish Mill- The towns Lumber mill is powered by an enormous water wheel

Mist Court

Guilds and Factions

  • Engleher Chapel- The sick have been directed to seek aid at the chapel of Taura where Stephan Falfasse has been doing his best to treat the ailing. Stephan will treat patients suffering from Passing Plague, but he is far to swamped to worry about other ailments.
  • Farmer's Guild
DC 15 Engleher Lore
Run Side Gang is a gang that operates in Northern Vrur. Due to the Baish Thieves Set's control of the Ironforge's roads Engleher is the most likely location of their headquarters.



  • Engleher Expidition  - The Village was founded at a waystop the expedition used as they entered into the pass through the Ironforge Mountains.
  • Silver Strike  - A few years after the founding prospectors discovered Silver near Engleher.
  • The Greenpurge  - A wave of antiorc sentiments reached a fever pitch that drove the Khababar military to forcefully remove "monstrous" races from their lands.
  • The Plague  - Three months ago a strange plague has swept across Engleher.


  • Engleher

Engleher- Settlement 4

  • Alignment- White Red Village
  • Trinket Trade Engleher has a long tradition of catering to adventurers, and consumable items of up to level 10 are available for sale in its shops.
  • Government- Village Council
Founding Date
19 ZR
Alternative Name(s)
3096 (Pre-Plague) 1030 (current)
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Related Reports (Primary)

Adventure Hooks

  • Passer's Plague - There is a plague in the town, the mine is closed and the Inn is the only business open as of late. If asked, locals will freely share; the plague appeared about four months ago and has since killed about one in three of the town with about another third had left to seek sanctuary somewhere else in Khababar. The whole sickness had an evil air, some of the Night watch claim to have seen a dark figure watching the town from the mountains above. Many of the buildings in town have boarded doors and windows, if party members pass too close or linger too long near an abandoned establishment, they will be challenged by a guard. Passers-by will direct the adventurers to the Founder's Stone Inn.
  • A Light in the Swamp - Shortly after the Plague has been cureed people start returning to Engleher, A rumor circulates through the populace of a lost treasure tier to the legendary Founders.


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