To the Cursed Fens

General Summary

After their encounter with Jakk Tornclaw The Substitute Heroes were able to remove the Passing Plague from Engleher's water supply. In gratitude, The local Jartkiir and Dawnbringers offered to teach the adventurers new sets of skills. The Passing Hand taught Bobbin the Firework Technician Dedication and Mellwell the Alchemist Dedication. Dawnbringers in the Engleher Chapel allowed Jiim to take on the Life's Sentry Dedication.
While his companions were training in town, Hide set out to Earn Income in the village. His search proved to be fruitless until Karl Roper offered the opportunity to work on Roper Ranch. Hide was ill suited for the work but was able to pull down a copper a day laboring at the ranch. While reparing the fence with the help of Roper and an Ox Cart the Ox was pulled into the ground by an unseen creature and killed, effectively ending Hide's employment at the ranch.

Hand Caught in the Jar

Pasker offered the band 200gp if they can find the Passing Hand crew that was sent to recover the treasure of the Fen Watchtower. The Band accepted the offer and struck off for the Cursed Fens. Shortly after sunset, the Party was close to the watchtower when a blue light swept across the night sky. Jiim stopped the cart when he heard the signature moaning and shambling of the Undead in the marsh along side the road. Led by Mellwell's Magic Missile and Flame from Hide's hands, The band spang into action wand was able to put four Shamblers back to rest before they were able escape the marsh.
Approaching the watchtower, the party made out a Blue light in the tallest structure over a ruined compound. A causeway connects the compound to the road, A Gatehouse blocks traffic from reaching the compound. Jiim pounded on the door, he heard scurrying in the room behind the door.

Into the Watchtower

Jiim's armored foot demolished the door to the Gatehouse; inside the could only make out beams of moonlight slipping through holes in the dilapidated roof. The Band crowded outside the doorway considering their options. Mellwell decided to send Toni into the room to communicate with any rats that may be inside; inside she only found three piles of smelly grey muck. Once inside the band, a trio of voices challenged them.
Hehehe.. Halt who Goes there. Hahaha
Mudhunter Sentries
Above the band, about ten feet up on a wooden scaffolding three blue humanoid forms peeked over the edge of the scaffolding. Each of these sentries flung Darts down at the Heroes. with a few Magic Missiles from Mellwell and one of Hide's Arrows, one of the Mitflit's fell off the scaffolding dead; the other two climbed into a trapdoor in the ceiling and ran away. Bobbin and Hide searched the grey piles of Gremlin dung and found a tiny peridot and a chipped tooth. The Band made preparations to sleep overnight in the gatehouse. Hide found that the trap door led to the gatehouse's roof but the attackers had run away. Hide Barred the door so they would have to worry about Mitflits crawling back in while they slept overnight.
The band recouperated overnight; waking in the morning they prepared themselves to delve deeper into the compound. a second set of rotten wooden doors, were obliterated by Jiims boots. On the other side the crew saw a wooden bridge over a swampy moat that connected the Gatehouse to the rest of the compound. Hide scouted ahead carefullyOn the opposite side he could see that the Bridge's supports had been cut. Jiim decided to attempt a long jump across the bridge. He landed on the far side but with such force the bridge collapsed. Surveying the situation the band could see that the moat was about 20 feet across and was filled with four feet of muddy slow-moving water. Tossing one end of his rope across the moat, Jiim had Bobbin secure the rope to himself so that he could make an assisted swing across the moat. Mellwell elected instead to wade across. She lowered herself down as Bobbin began his swing. Quickly scooping Bobbin up, Jiim didn't notice a warty back emerge from the surface of the water as a sticky spray splashed into the Champion of the Sun Maiden soon there after Mellwell was face-to-face with a Slurk; it's tusks pierced the Witch and she scrambled out of the water. Mellwell pelted the overgrown toad with Magic Missile while Hide fired arrows at it. Jiim waded into the moat after it and ultimately Bobbin finished the creature off with a well-placed Blight Bomb. Clamoring together just at the enterence to the Fen Watchtower's main building; the band healed itself and steeled themselves to continue the expedition
The door of this enterence has long rotted away, Finally thinking of the noise they were making, the Substitute Heroes hushed themselves as they entered a large corridor lit by holes in the poorly maintained ceiling. at the far side they could see two Gremlins wrestling with a Giant Maggot; they had yet to notice the band as they were hopping on the maggot's back trying to coax it into carrying them across the alcove they were playing in. The Large room the band had found themselves in was the main room of the Fen Watchtower. It is an L-shapped corridor with six rooms attached to it; a mostly collapsed staircase formed a barrier between the band and the gremlins. Hide, Bobbin, Mellwell and Toni each snuck along the walls of the room to position themselves just behind the staircase. Jiim slunk into one of the close doorways so he could overwatch their movement and keep an eye on the gremlins as well.
Hide decided get the drop on the Mitflits by creeping up stairwell, but as he peeked over the edge the gremlins spotted him. One trainer screetched, tossed a Dart at Hide and skurried behind the maggot; the other gripped the Chitinous Spear in his hands and jabbed Hide with its fanged head. Finding purchase in Hide's flesh, the spear pumped Hunting Spider Venom into his veins. the wound burned with pain. As Jiim charged into the fray, The gremlin snuck behind the maggot to reload his spear. Bobbin ran from behind the starwell and chucked a blight bomb at the Mitflits; Mellwell fired off another Magic Missile attack ensuring force damage on her foes. The Dart-throwing gremlin did not survive the initial exchange. Jiim's Dawnedge and another blight bomb finished the remaining gremlin and his maggot off. Hide gathered the fallen gemlins's equipment while Bobbin carved a chunk of maggot meat out of the fallen beast.

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The Grand Marches

Level 3 Rogue.

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Level 3 Druid.

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Level 3 Alchemist.

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Level 2 Champion.

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Level 3 Witch.

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29 Jan 2022
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