The main faction active in the ruins is what’s left of a small gang of Mitflit Gremlin who call themselves the Mudhunters. Led by a large, bearded Gremlin named Boss Grawsk , the Mudhunters believe they once dwelt in “glory” underground. However, the arrival of the much larger and meaner Fanged Queen Morlocks forced them out of their homes, and they’ve struggled to regain their footing even since. Boss Grawsk has thus far formed the inkling of a plan to raise an army of giant insects to take over Engleher. He has already exuberantly guaranteed the restoration of Mudhunter glory through this scheme, so the gang loyally follows Boss Grawsk, working hard to keep intruders—like the heroes—out of “their” ruins.


Grawsk's Lieutenants are of near equal standing as he is; there will likely be an attempted coup in the next couple of weeks


Grawsk is the chief of the Mudhunters, he rose to this position by finding the "abandoned" Fen Watchtower as shelter for the Gremlin Tribe. He would like to grow the tribe so they can better resist incursions by the Drill Lodge and other Khababari military forces. He would like to expand thier dwelling into the lower levels of the Undercitadel but the next layer is occupied by a highly aggressive Community of Morlocks.

Bog Callers

Led by The Muhunter's Shaman Torchbud of the Fen, the callers gather fodder for the gremlins livestock and lead their domestication efforts.

Fen Hunters

The Mudhunter's rangers, Led by Chief Scout Hook Peatburner; they forage to supplement the tribes provisions and capture promising candidates for domestication.

Mudhunter Wasps

The warriors of the Mudhunter Mitflits, Warchief Hogdevil Grawsk has convinced his brother the boss to begin preparations to attack Engleher.


As Immigrants from Primar the Mudhunters instinctively sought equilibrium in the ecosystem of the Cursed Fens. They feel a particular bond with the vermin of the world, they feed on vermin and integrate them into their everyday life. They revel in the decay of engineering and architecture, as the collapse of these artifacts of civilization represents the natural cycle of birth and decay.


Mitflit smiths Craft weapons and armor out of chitin harvested from thier Insect livestock

Uncommon Mudhunter Items

Item Lvl Cost
Spiderfang Spear 0 5 gp


The Mudhunters have a particular familiarity with the Cursed Fens; The tribe will hire out members to individuals with Admired or Liked reputations; Liked are only able to Hire if that Hireling has a Friendly attitude towards them. Any hirelings are paid a weekly rate depicted on the table and generally expect a share of the spoils from a successful mission.
Hireling Lvl Cost
Common Mitflit 0 5 gp
Mudhunter 1 9 gp

Boons of the Mudhunters

Boon Reputation Cost Training DC Level Prerequisites
Uncommon Tribal Gear Ignored 1 RP Not Trained 1
Uncommon Gear Formulae Liked 2 RP As per Item 1
Discount Liked 2 RP Not Trained 1
Lodge Liked 1 RP Not Trained 1
Animal Trainer Dedication Admired 2 RP 14 Nature 2 trained in Nature
Beastmaster Dedication Admired 2 RP 14 Nature 2 trained in Nature
Champion Dedication Admired 2 RP 14 Religion 2 Strength 14; Charisma 14
Hireling Admired 1 RP Not Trained 1

Technological Level

Insect Herding

The Mudhunters have adapted to life in the Cursed Fens. They have undertaken efforts to domesticate several species of oversized insects into beasts of burden. They have also cultivated several fen roach colonies in fodder pens all over the Fen Watchtower these arthropods have particularly succulent thoraxes about the size of a man's hand. They feed them with the rotting vegetation of the Cursed fens.


  • Followers- 33
  • Lieutenants- 3
— Size matters
Geopolitical, Tribe
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Species
Related Ethnicities



Green, Red, Small, Fey, Gremlin 0
  • Perception +5 ; Darkvision , Scent (imprecise) 30 feet
  • Languages Undercommon
  • Skills Acrobatics +6 , Diplomacy +2 ( +8 vs. arthropods), Nature +4 , Stealth +6 , Thievery +6
  • STR -1 , DEX +3 , CON +0 , INT -1 , WIS +1 , CHA -1
  • AC 16
  • Saving Throws Fort +3 , Ref +8 , Will +5
  • HP 20 Weaknesses Cold Iron 2
  • Speed 20 feet, Climb 20 feet
Melee Spiderfang Spear +9 +4 / -1 (Alchemical , Thrown 10ft), Damage piercing Plus Black Adder Venom
Ranged Dart +9 +5\+1 +9 +5 / +1 (Agile , range increment 20 feet, Thrown ), Damage piercing

Special Abilities

Vengeful Anger (Emotion, Mental ) As long as it isn’t frightened, a Gremlin gains a +2 status bonus to damage rolls against a creature that has previously damaged or tormented it.
Self-Loathing (emotion, mental) A mitflit’s self-loathing makes it easy to influence. It takes a –4 penalty to its Will DC against checks to Coerce, Demoralize, Make an Impression, and Request.
Mitflit Mitflits can use Diplomacy to Make an Impression on and Request things of arthropods (insects, spiders, scorpions, crabs, and similar invertebrate animals). Most arthropods have a starting attitude of indifferent to mitflits. Black Adder Venom (Alchemical, Consumable, Injury, Poison) When a Mitflit strikes with their Spiderfang Spear; the spear injects the victim with one dose of Black Adder Venom- Saving Throw Fortitude DC 18; Maximum Duration 3 rounds; Stage 1 poison damage (1 round Stage 2 poison damage (1 round Stage 3 poison damage . after striking with venom the mitflit can reload one dose of injury poison with a sing action to use this feature again.
Spells Primal Innate Spells DC 17 +7
— Size Matters


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7 Jul, 2022 06:36

Neat little encounter plot for the Fen dwelling group. Interesting cultural take on things and a naturalistic view rather than cargo cultish or vengeful envy. A very good read that sparks the adventure ideas.