The Grand Marches

A Pathfinder 2e game In the world of Sundered Cosmos
14 October 2021 | Full
Long have the Heavens quaked in the echos of the Worldbreaker's smite. in the light escaping the fissures in the sky, Some have seen the spectrum of possibilities; they theorize they traverse into those realities.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Daarkh Ghust
    Cheiftain of the Fang Queen Morlocks
  • Dipalasa Ntso
    Jarkiir Handler that initiated contact with the party
  • Freylesse
    Shadow of a loyal servant of Dretha Sythevex
  • Gordon
    Giant Scorpion befriended by the Salty Crackers. He was Trapped in a taming pen by the Mudhunters and freed after an encounter with the band
  • Gupunuul
    River Drake Hunting the Cursed Fens
  • Hala Highblades
    The current guildhead is a business-minded halfling woman named Hala Highblades who maintains a shrine to the Lord of Leaves in the side yard. She’s not a cleric herself, and hopes someday to convince a visiting priest of The Wooded Circle to settle in Engleher and take up the mantle of representing the regional farmers, despite the fact that she’s done an admirable job of it herself so far.
  • Herbert Ludwig
    Mayor of Engleher; He supports the agenda of Tordal and Uzrush in the region
  • Jackal
    Tiefling Rouge from the Vrur Steppes
  • Jaul Mezmin
    a violent criminal and murderous [url:|tab]Werewolf[/url] wanted in the town of @[Engleher](settlement:0d13fab5-f619-4f11-b9ae-7f4f2ced4009) for the slaying of several locals 30 years ago. Jaul’s last victim was a woman named Ayla Nolock, wife of Lathan Nolock, the owner of the Engleher Market. Jaul hid in plain sight as one of the druids of the Stone Ring of Vrur while he committed his murders, but when he was found out, he escaped capture by leaping from the cliffs into the river. The currents pulled him into caves, leaving him nearly drowned, but over the following weeks he recovered and found his way here
  • Jiim Dawnbringer
    Orcish devotee of The Sun Maiden
  • Mile
    Ash's Fox Companion
  • Muckytoes
    Today, a mischievous Brownie named Muckytoes—a puckish fey with blonde hair that stays in a constant state of frizzy disarray on his head—occupies this chamber. Despite his comical appearance, Muckytoes fancies himself something of a spooky sort of Fey. As soon as he notices the heroes approaching, such as if they try to Force Open the door, he quickly slips into hiding under the desk before using Ventriloquism to call out in a deep voice. He claims to be a dangerous “wispy-ghost” named “Spookywisp.” He then uses dancing lights to create what he hopes the heroes believe is a Will-o’-Wisp, floating the light up in the air and using ventriloquism to cast his voice from the light.
  • Pahrbub Klorte
    Gruff Forman of the Tavish Mill
  • Vaulgrist
    Chain Evangelist bound to the 4th level of the Inverted Tower
  • Yoletcha
    A bugbear named Yoletcha has built herself quite a lair here, using bunk bed frames and bedding to build a central structure. She is proud of her home, filthy as it is, with garbage littering its outskirts like a moat. Unless the PCs make significant noise entering this area, Yoletcha is sitting in her fort arranging the spoils of a recent hunting trip into gruesome if fairly neat piles. The fort’s “walls” are such that the PCs cannot see her inside of it, nor can they hear her, since she’s sorting quietly. This could allow the PCs to sneak up on Yoletcha with a successful Stealth check, or it might allow Yoletcha to hear the unsuspecting PCs and take them by surprise eventually. If the PCs’ attempts to open the eastern doors from outside have alerted her, though, Yoletcha is ready for a fight and uses Stealth for initiative. As soon as she hears the PCs moving about the area, or if they poke their heads inside her home, Yoletcha charges out of the fort and attacks.

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 19th November 2022 12:00

Into Darkness

The Salty Crackers descend into the next level of the Undercitadel where they will encounter the mushroom-eyed people

Sat 22nd October 2022 13:00

Sweet Recovery

The Crackers bring Jiim's body back to the Dawnflower Library for burial in the Kirkyard.

Sessions Archive

13th Sep 2022

Pillaging the Ruins

The Discordant Brotherhood continues to search the ruins for clues to the fate of the Bumblebrashers

4th Sep 2022

The Fires of Judgement Hill

The brotherhood makes their way to Judgment hill to learn the fate of the Bumblebrashers

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27th Aug 2022

A Troop of Bandits

The Salty Crackers have cleared the Watchtower complex of Hostile creatures after awing the Mudhunters by taming their Scorpion; Now they need to figure out what they are doing next

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22nd Jul 2022

The Brotherhood of Misfits

A Handful of Odd travelers have been detained by Saolish Hellknights and are being jailed in the Savarian Hinterlands

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16th Jul 2022

The Fey of the Swamp

Charging headlong into the watchtower; this bastion in the caused fens has yet to yield all of it secrets

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5th Mar 2022

The Gremlin's Tower

Our Heroes have crashed into a ruined watchtower infested with gremlins; will they get through the dangers at the fen watchtower and get to the treasure of this ancient site?

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9th Oct 2021

Braving The Plague

Six wayward travelers are hired by the Jaskiir to retrieve the son of a Gufar of Uzrush,

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29th Jan 2021

Session 2 What do we do Next?

Fresh off of the collapse of the mine walls that crushed Jakk; Is the party going to cure the plague? How will they get paid with Nicholas Dead?

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21st Sep 2019

Blades in the Dark

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The Protagonists

Rex Tyr

Level 1 Liberator Champion.

20 / 20

Lozado Smouldur

Level 3 Warpriest Cleric.

36 / 36


Level 3 Rogue.

36 / 36


Level 1 Outwit Ranger.

18 / 18

Chaz Razerplane

Level 3 Sparkling Targe Magus.

38 / 38

Navi Hvara

Level 3 Druid.

32 / 32

Otto Hari

Level 1 Elemental Sorcerer.

15 / 15

Ash Vulpix

Level 1 Precision Ranger.

19 / 19


Level 3 Alchemist.

32 / 32


Level 3 Witch.

34 / 34

Mattus Serra