Jaul Mezmin

a violent criminal and murderous [url:https://cartographers-guild.fandom.com/wiki/Wolf_Lycanthropy|tab]Werewolf[/url] wanted in the town of @[Engleher](settlement:0d13fab5-f619-4f11-b9ae-7f4f2ced4009) for the slaying of several locals 30 years ago. Jaul’s last victim was a woman named Ayla Nolock, wife of Lathan Nolock, the owner of the Engleher Market. Jaul hid in plain sight as one of the druids of the Stone Ring of Vrur while he committed his murders, but when he was found out, he escaped capture by leaping from the cliffs into the river. The currents pulled him into caves, leaving him nearly drowned, but over the following weeks he recovered and found his way here

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