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Ash Vulpix

Level 1 Precision Ranger.
19 / 19

In service at the Mereve Kirkyard; Ash discovered the oldest graves had been disturbed. Keeping an overnight watch, Vulpix heard a clamor in the yard. He found a fox trying to herd the animated remains of Mereve's founders. Rushing out with a Blunderbuss, Ash blasted them into pieces while the fox held their legs in place. Ash named them Mile. To put the rest of Mereve's defiled dead to rest, Mile had tracked a skeleton to a copse of trees. They came upon a Skelton impaled on a tree with a black lance; as they approached closer, Ash fell into a pit trap. He woke up in the back of a cart headed for Gagiet Jail, with a red fox following at a cautious distance.

Campaign & Party

Discordant Brotherhood

Rex Xoleo Otto Ash
Run by JMTyranny