Mifob is the largest continent, spanning much of the world's Western hemisphere and containing two massive and powerful empires.


Mifob is Gradus' Southwestern continent.  The Westcoast of this continent is dominated by ithree nations: the militaristic Principality of Rove , the religious state of Khal-Mad, and the trading province of the Nakhuzan Federation. The South is spined by mountain ranges occupied by dwarven kingdoms.  The Southern Shaoqing peninsula is the continent's most densly forested region.

Natural Resources

Occult magics course through the realms of Mifob. This grants mysterious forces additional access in the winter. Occultic Solstice
Occultic Solstice Environmental Effect 1


Occult sources are bound to this geographic area granting additional power during the winter of the year.


During winter Occult spell attacks and DCs have a +1 bonus in this area.


  • Mifob

  • 50 ZA

    5 ZA

    11 /11

    The Venwere War
    Military action

    The War was a series of conflicts Across Mifob. They stem from Ouantan's attempts to conquer the region.

  • 28 SC

    32 SC

    12 Birth

    Greenpurge Crusade
    Military action

    Orcish raids against settlements in Vrur Margrave provoked a military response from the Khababar Confederacy. The resulting Greenpurge Crusades sought to evict Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins from Mifob's Southeastern coastal region.


Author's Notes

Adapted from pathfinderwiki- Casmaronand MTG Wiki- Jamuraa

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