Khababar Confederacy

Adapted From Suq'Ata
Khababar is a nation of traders, led by a Citizens Council who appoint the Horator or chief executive. The name is derived from Khab, meaning market. Khababar was founded by Dwarves from the Ironforge Mountains and Humans from the Vrur Steppe. They settled and built cities. The settlers began to build a trading empire and soon had caravans traversing the huge continent of Mifob in search of valuables and profit. They annexed the Western Ironforge Mountains recalling tales of mineral wealth deep within them. A mercantile society was well-versed in spells, treasure, and artifice, with the emergence of the Gufari Council, also came one of the oldest arts on Mifob - the Assassins of Jartkiir. Within the modern cities of Khababar, there is a network of secret guilds wholly devoted to murder. Using spells of summoning, fear, and mind-numbing cold, the assassins of Khababar sought not to defeat their opponents outright, but to poison them over time in a variety of insidious ways.


National Leadership

Khababar Lore DC 10


Irhurman College



  • Khababar

Khababar Confederacy Nation 15

  • Alignment- Blue Black, Red  
  • Government- Confederacy of Supporting organizations.
  • Religions TBD
  • Other Characteristics TBD
  • Primary Exports TBD
  • Primary Imports TBD
  • Allies TBD
  • Enemies TBD
  • Threats TBD
Political, Confederation
Leader Title
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles

  • 442 ZA

    Scythevex's Arrival

    When Dretha Scythevex arrived in the region in 442 ZR, drawn by a series of sinister visions, the swamps of the Cursed Fens were practically uninhabited.

  • 20 ZA

    19 ZA


    Engleher Expedition

    Shortly after the founding of the Confederacy, Georg Engleher led an expedition from Khababar's Coast to find a pass through the Ironforge Mountains.

  • 28 SC

    32 SC

    12 Birth

    Greenpurge Crusade
    Military action

    Orcish raids against settlements in Vrur Margrave provoked a military response from the Khababar Confederacy. The resulting Greenpurge Crusades sought to evict Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins from Mifob's Southeastern coastal region.

  • 47 SC

    32 Marriage

    Silver Strike in Engleher
    Discovery, Exploration

    Silver was discovered by Confederate prospectors in the foothills of the Ironforge Mountains near the mountain outpost of Engleher.

  • 50 SC

    13 Harvest

    Vrur's Passing Plague
    Disaster / Destruction

    A plague erupted in the Mining town of Engleher, cutting off Khababar from its supply of silver and threatening the northern reaches of the confederacy with a life-draining plague.

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