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The Revolving Temple 1: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

We pull into the Chalcedon system and there's a Reaver attack in progress right here near Ondor's orbit. The hell? Needless to specify, Kylo's Star and the Razorback both jump in on that action.
Once it's cleared up, we make our way to the planet for which the system is named, and particular to the Ragnar Syndicate-run town of Port Nevermore. Here on Chalcedon-the-planet, every settlement is run by a different warlord-type leader or leader group.
There is a LOT of slavery.
That's an item for the "Future projects" list, along with "Reaver infestation around these parts." We'll get to it at some point. I'm making a note.
Vanya, honey, we're not actually suited to dismantling the entire slavery industry on this world.
Pfft. We'll pick up whatever we need from the first couple of slaver groups we tackle.
I think that's going to be . . . checking . . . ah. The Crimson Nova group. Oh and look, there's a Hutt on this world. He'll be very useful.
Boy, are you optimistic!
Oh, yes: we're going to have some FUN with this planet. Later. After we find out what's going on with the Crimson Knights and sort it out.
So. Current Projects. We split up to investigate in several directions at once. I'm headed to speak with Gelvin, one of the chief staff at The WAVE. Pirate radio in a pirate town on a pirate planet; go fig. Gelvin is amenable to a snack break over at The Jolly Roger, where we'll get some caf and I'll pick his brain and then I will bring "a GOOD cup of caf" back to the station receptionist.
Information gathered from Gelvin: Sometimes people from this town disappear while out in the desert. Sometimes the disappeared people are found again, but they don't remember anything that happened to them -- stretching well back to before they disappeared. It's a problem.
Current Projects also include a local money-laundering chain, which I am guessing might have been part of Commander Maeques' task list on Chalcedon. Dr. Bengala at the Port Nevermore Hospital, a Devaronian, is the most likely local contact for that chain.
Commander Maeques and at least 1 other Crimson Knight came through here about a year ago. They stayed a short while, spent some time in the ruins to the south, then headed toward the Outer Rim.
Oh, honey. I'm getting pointed Rimward again! We better not do all of this only to find out that your Commander was chilling out in Reena Province all this time.
No chance. That would be a terrible cover story!
As the evening gets darker, the sense of the Dark Side out in the desert gets stronger.
We are definitely getting dared.
Ferrin the Collector is the same species as Yoda, possibly a cousin? and has Illiana Turosin either working for him, or as part of his collection.

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Report Date
08 Oct 2016
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