Golgaed Mountains

No matter the direction from which I approached the Golgaed Mountains, they have always been a sight to behold! Coming from the west, the Ethorian Sea in your back and the wide steppes of Wesha Thiem below your feet, you see these mountains rise like giant fingers rise into the center of your view, always surrounded by an aura of golden dust.
Approaching from the east - if you dare to brave the desert of the Plains of Sand, these mountains welcome you with lush green and the silhouettes of mysterious ruins. The Golgaed Mountains are truly a goal worth traveling for!
The Golgaed Mountains are a mountain range in the very center of the domain of the Clans of Thiem. It is the western border of the Plains of Sand and the eastern border of the steppes of Wesha Thiem. While being difficult to access from the west due to steep cliffs, the gradual elevation in the east makes access into the mountain range much easier. The eastern area is also rich in vegetation, due to several springs. Many of those subterraneanly flow to the west, forming the Golgadian Falls.


Over the centuries many settlements have developed and disappeared again around the Golgaed Mountains. The Clans of Thiem have some summer and winter camps at certain places. Some old dwarven mineshafts can be found on the western side of the mountains, dug into the cliffs. But the many ruins of old Daschee culture are perhaps the most fascinating. They are mostly found on the eastern side and some settlements, like Al Amansur were built around these ruins, incorporating much of the Daschee's culture and remnants of their magical items.


The whole range and the area around it is known for multiple deposits of Gold, Cobalt and Stonecoal. Most of these deposits are rather shallow, possibly caused by erosion from the ranges itself. However, several deep deposits of Cobalt have been found in the valleys between Guldeat Tuath.

Recent Developments

The discovery of deep Cobalt deposits, together with the rising need for this material in countries like Baradolia, Ethoressi and Sevelang starts to draw the attention of many fortune seekers. The whole region is on the verge of a Cobalt Rush.
The Scavati Cobalt Enterprises have sent several groups towards Al Amansur to exploit the high number of magical artifacts as possible energy source for their Magokinetic Miningdrill. They hope to reduce cost for energy by an enormous amount this way and to maximize profit.


  • Golgaed Mountains
Mountain Range
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Treasures and Tradeables

  • Ancient Dashee artifacts
  • Fruits of the Coacu Tree
  • Cobaltroot Dye


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