Al Amansur

The cobalt blue city at the edge of the desert and to the feet of the Golgaed Mountains

Al Amansur sits at the feet of the Golgaed Mountains, on the end of the eastern slope, directly north of the pass between the mountains Redrosh Tuath and Rediash Tuath. Being the last settlement before the Plains of Sand and the first on the easy accessible part of the Golgaed Mountains which are rich in resources gave Al Amansur a good position to develop into a residence for several merchants and mining operations.

Industry & Trade

Legends of mystical treasure and rich materials in the Plains of Sand, as well as a fabled wall with a giant gate in the east has always drawn adventurers to this desert. many merchants have become rich with providing wares and services as well as selling the produces of the city.
Based on the many artifacts and remnants of the Daschee, several artificiers of magical items have opend up shop in the city. They are fabled far and wide for producing arifacts with amazing fire- and illusion-based magic.
The local miners are losely organized and profit significantly from the rich metal deposits in the Golgaed Mountains.
In the west of the city, the soil is very fertile due to many springs in the mountains. The farms here are feeding the city and are only easily reachable from the city itself - most other paths are narrow or barely accessible. This helped stave off sieges by rading groups before.

Guilds and Factions

Besides a branch of the Al Quasian Merchant Guild, which mostly holds nominal power, most merchants are organized in a lose, local group. They hold, use and sometimes sell mining rights for the deposits in the Golgaed Mountains.
The Insitute of Dascheen Artifactory is a renowned magical school that has a strong focus on Sascheen artifacts, their production as well as their history. Furthermore, they are known for their unusual approach to using fire-based magic for healing and defense purposes.
The Cult of Dascheen is the strongest religious presence in the city and outlasted several cults of the six over the decades. While their influence is dwindling as well, they still fervently rever Daschee.
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They are in fact led by a group of ancient Daschee, who, while almost without any significant magical power, are determined to protect all Daschee Artifacts from destructive usage.
Recently, the promises made by the Scavati Cobalt Enterprises for riches and fame through Cobalt found in the area, led to an influx of hopeful Cobaltdigger in the city.


Al Amansur has several central, wide roads that are lined with palm trees and bushes - a very stark contrast to the desert wind you can feel in its streets. All streets are plastered with smooth, beige cobblestone most of them with colorful pebbles in between, forming patterns of waves down the road.
As is typical for fortified settlements in Thiem, most houses are more wide than high, with flat terraces as roofs. Stemming from the early days of the caravanseries most days have either an open stable at the side or a wide opening covered by fabric, big enough to let mounts through. These openings now often serve as storefronts.
Unique to Al Amansur many houses incorporate walls and columns of old Dascheen ruins. The colorful blue markings on these remnants have been also copied onto the newer houses, sometimes even interspersed with gold intarsia or even jewels on the richer households, showing the fortune of this town.


  • City of Al Amansur
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Thea Amansura (lit. People of Amansur)
Location under
Owning Organization


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