Clans of Thiem

The Clans of Thiem are nomadic tribes, roaming the desert they call their domain. They are mostly human, but have mixed with the Erani, an elven culture that followed Vitukuas search for Dragons.

As such, the mystical dragons and their rumored attributes play a big role in the moral concepts of a Thiem. They value loyalty, strength and honesty and their hospitality and use of fire magic is extraordinary and as exellent as their riding techniques and scouting abilities.

Once every 5 years, when it happens that the moon of Vitukua has is highest point over the top of the mountain Inkamur, the Dragon's Spire, the leaders of all 26 clans meet to celeberate, share knowledge and discuss pressing issues.


  • Golgaed Mountains
Geopolitical, Clan
Controlled Territories