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Giant and the Rainbow Snake

Yámar ná naruseińkal 'The giant and the rainbow snake' is a Faren myth, telling the story of how Hero Ásinnar saved a village, that was held captive by a Giant tyrant and a huge evil snake.


Somewhere in the plains there was a village, that was troubled by a problem: a giant Snake had made a nest in the village well. Each nigh it came out, and ate on of their goats. The villagers tried to fight it, but there was nothing they could do, so they decided to beg help from Knuckle the Giant, who lived on the mountains and was the greatest warrior they knew. Knuckle agreed to come and fight of the snake, and eager for a fight he jumped into the well. When he came back, they saw that he was wearing the snake around his great stomack like a belt, as the sign of his victory. The villages rejoiced, and made a great feast to celebrate.   But as the days went by, the Giant was unwilling to leave the village. Each day he went out, wanted to fight with all the men. And in the night he came back to the inn, ate half a goat and a bowl of soup, drank a barrel of mead, and then demanded to lie with the women of the village. They realised, that the giant had been corrupted by the Snake, and now they were stuck with twice the evil.   After hearing of their struggle, Hero Ásinnar took a pity on them, and decided to trick the Giant. She came to visit him, and seduced him with her beauty and innocent look. Later in the night the giant lay unconscious, and Ásinnar could have a talk with the Snake. She learned that the Snake was behind all the evil caused by the giant. The Snake told the Hero he would not leave, unless Ásinnar brought him the herb of rebirth, from the Garden of the Heavenly Lord. Thus Ásinnar tricked the gardener Naruseińkaut to reveal to her where the herb was kept, and returned to the Snake. The Snake ate the herb, shed it's skin and escaped. The giant followed him to the mountains, and was never seen there after that. The skin of the Snake became the rainbow.

Historical Basis

The story is set in the mythical Times of Wander, when the Farens were still travelling around in tribes, before settling in the river valleys of the Southern Continent.   The story is a part of the history of the Giant Wars, fought late in the prehistoric era.

Variations & Mutation

The myth seems to be a fusion of two original myths explaining the origin of rainbows: the other saying it's a snake, and the other that it's a belt.

In Art

Decorated belts are an important part of Faren cultural clothing. The designs show the wearer's wealth, status and where they are from. Snake patterns inspired by this myth are one of the most common patterns found on belts, and the rich try to mimic the rainbow's colours on them.
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by Damien Farrell

This is my submission for Summer Camp 2020 prompt "Write about a myth or legend relating to a famous, long-lost item."


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