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Olkedo Session 12

General Summary

Our adventurers make it to Muscaria. They learn that Fygmal Tyqor is making a teleporting device and they sell him a teleporting majimonster that he can study. They learn that the lead alchemist is missing or dead and his assistant left town to find him. They meet the author of the Book of Ruins and go on an expedition with him to the Temple of Knowledge. When they arrive at the temple some people are trying to break into it. They chase them off and enter the temple themselves. They find themselves in a vast library and look up lots of information that they have been wondering about.  

Detailed Summary

  Nieve Powell, Brick, Toshi Ryoko, Rasputia, and Jebedaiah Bateman go outside of Bismuth to a place on the mountain above the 2 abandoned mine entrances to find the treasures Chalky told them were hidden there. There are 2 Voltures on a ledge in front of a small cave on the mountain. They fight and defeat them. There is a chest in the cave behind the Voltures. There are several items in the chest as well as a note ( Note in Chalky's Treasures Cache ). Jebedaiah puts on an Amulet of Featherfall that he found which turns to a feather and falls to the ground. Jebedaiah keeps the feather. They return to Chalky and give him the Chalk of Handsomeness. They ask Chalky what it does and he tells them to sit in the barber chair and he will show them. Jebedaiah sits and Chalky applies the chalk to his hair. His hair turns bright orange as the chalk is applied. Jebedaiah applies the chalk to Chalky’s hair and it turns purple.   They leave Bismuth and travel to Muscaria to trade in a teleporting monster for the bounty mentioned on A Flier from Fygmal they received previously. Muscaria’s architecture is made of mushrooms and fungi. There is a grand tower in the center of town. They talk to the guards at the gate and learn that the lead alchemist Osiris vanished. They say it was an experiment gone wrong. They mention it was his apprentice’s experiment which he tried to stop. One of them points them toward the tower to find Fygmal Tyqor. They learn from a receptionist at the tower that the assistant was named Marie and she left town saying she was trying to figure out a way to bring Osiris back. The assistant says Fygmal is on the 13th floor. Jebedaiah and Toshi race up the stairs, Jebedaiah wins. On the top floor they present Fygmal with the flier they received. They show him a Mysticac that can teleport. They try to sell him more than one. Fygmal says he only needs one but maybe there is something else they can do for him. He explains he wants to learn how the Mysticac teleports so he can apply it to a device that humans could use. He asks them to take a teleport anchor and leave it somewhere. He mentions there are already anchors in the jungles and Pearlwich. He suggests putting it in Bismuth, Shikotsu, Glimmer Drift or the Temple of Knowledge. He mentions a colleague is putting together an expedition to the Temple.   They ask if he has heard of Marie. He explains she worked on this floor and left after the accident. Fygmal was skeptical that Marie could bring him back, he thought it was more likely that Osiris was dead. He said she stole some books from the library when she left. Fygmal says they should go talk to Connor Wentworth who is putting together an expedition to the Temple. Fygmal says he is a good field researcher but needs all the help he can get. He mentions he wrote the Book of Ruins and loves signing them. Toshi talks to Susali Pepperina, Fygmal’s assistant when she brings tea. Toshi asks her if Marie and Osiris fought before he disappeared. Susali says she did hear them shouting at each other before the accident. She accused him of lying to her and telling her the wrong formula. Curtis Nielson witnessed the disappearance of Osiris so people believed Marie. Susali says Curtis works on floor 10 if they want to talk to him.   They go down to Curtis the alchemist’s floor. Curtis says Marie found out about a formula her mentor had that he didn’t tell her about so she went to try it herself in the woods. Osiris tried to stop her and when he entered the transmutation circle he vanished. Curtis says he was in the woods gathering ingredients for potions and he saw the whole thing. He mentions that Marie thinks Osiris is on another plane of existence. He thinks she has been talking to Marjabell to much. He thinks Osiris simply disintegrated. They then ask about Curtis’s alchemical research. He tells them about the Potion of Sight he invented. It turns someones eyes to glass but they can still see. Jebedaiah buys a vial of it. He also tells them about Potion of Unsight that causes the user not to be able to see any living creatures for several hours. He has also a Potion of Waterbreathing. They decide not to buy it because while under its influence the user cannot breath air.   They go down to the 5th floor to find Connor. They find Connor sitting with Marjabell. They ask to join his expedition to the Temple of Knowledge. He explains the temple isn’t ruined but it is ancient. He says last time he was there he couldn’t find a way in. He thinks the inscription above the door holds a clue about how to get inside. They ask if he is a binder and he shows them 3 small cute little majimonsters that look as though they have never seen battle. Connor will pay 300 suls each. They fly out to the Temple of Knowledge. On the way they fly over Shikotsu. The town is on the shore of a large lake and some of the buildings look damaged.   They make it to the temple. Outside there are 3 obelisks. There are 3 people at the door to the temple about to take a sledgehammer to it. The adventurers try to tell them to stop but they pound on the door anyway and the 3 obelisks, which are actually majimonsters, wake up and attack. At first they try to help the people against the Obelich but the door hammerers start attacking them too, so they are forced to defend themselves. In the middle of the fight Jebedaiah tries to persuade the people to give up but they withdraw their monsters and get on Sandrocs and fly away. They drop a note ( Orders found at the Temple of Knowledge ) as they are escaping. The players defeat the remaining Obelich. They approach the door. Jebedaiah tells Connor to close his eyes, count to 20 and spin 6 times and say, ‘I humbly ask to enter this edifice.’ Connor seems dubious but does it anyway. While Connor’s eyes are closed, Jebedaiah knocks 3 times on the door and it opens.   Inside a Spiricoot in a vest greets them. Connor is overjoyed at its cuteness. The Spiricoot bows and walks to the next room and looks at them expectantly. There is an iron gate barring the way forward. The Spiricoot points to a pedestal with a book on it. Toshi goes over to the book and starts to read. At first glance it is in Orgenic but as Toshi looks at it it translates itself to Rathanese. The book lists the rules of the library: treat books with respect and if one wants to borrow knowledge one must leave knowledge behind. After Toshi reads the rules the gate opens and the Spiricoot goes inside. In the next room is a door with a paper moose majimonster painted on it. There is a nail over the moose as if to hang a framed painting, though the moose is painted directly onto the door. The Spiricoot goes into a Spiricoot-sized hole next to the door. The door is locked. On the wall next to the door are 3 paintings, an Origamoose (same as the one on the door), a Fungblade, and a Cragmatik. They hang Fungblade on Origamoose and the door opens into a vast library.   Jebedaiah asks Spiricoot to help him find a book about the Calamity. Spiricoot bounds to a shelf and points to a book with his nose. The book says Kasumi Oshiro tried to stop the growing population of wild majimonsters by creating a more powerful majimonster that could control the other majimonsters. The majimonster was so powerful it could even control humans. Four heroes, Captain Stancliff Preston, Mahavir Burman, Akari Oshiro and Kasumi Oshiro tried to defeat it and failed. Since they could not defeat it they had to seal it away. This monster was bound to a large black drajule. In the battle against the heroes the Beast drew energy from the land around the capitol turning it black and barren causing The Scar. The beast corrupted and controlled Kasumi and she was never the same even after the beast was sealed away.   There is a desk in the library with a portrait over it there is a small statue on the desk and a drajule. The portrait is of Anya Barayeva, The Great Librarian. Next to the statue is also an empty looking glass jar and a note ( In Remembrance ). The statue is of a person with a cloak and mischievous expression. They pick up the drajule and discover it is the Spiricoot’s drajule whose name is Bibli. Jebedaiah asks Bibli where Akari Oshiro is Bibli just looks at him. Jebedaiah asks about Kadeen Benali and Bibli leads him to a book. Kadeen Benali lived in the desert of Rathana and was a vizier to the emperor. Jebedaiah asks who Ravi is and Bibli doesn't seem to know. Then he asks how he can gain 3rd sight. Bibli leads him to another book. The book contains a ritual that involved invoking a strange being called The Mysticis. The ritual must be done when the Mysticis moon is full, which is every 48 days. Jebedaiah takes this book called Rituals for Modern Life by Girnolynne Greycoat and leaves another book behind. Brick asks where he can find powerful Majimonsters and Bibli points him to a book. It says there are large and powerful majimonsters in the jungles. They congregate near the Temple of the Gods. Jebedaiah asks Bibli about anchors and threads. Bibli jumps to a book about how majimonsters were first created. The book describes connecting a majimonster to a stone with threads and anchoring it so it can be bound. Binding monsters is reversible. People used to have to do elaborate rituals to do so, but now all you have to do is will it.   They look up how to repair broken drajules. Sprinkle the pieces with sea water, clack your teeth together, and point toward the drajule with thumb, pinkie, and index fingers. Best results when one moon is full. They look up drajule altars. Typically there are 6 anchors and threads on the altar. They look up places in The Tales of Captain Preston to figure out where the rest of the Black Stones are located. Captain Preston doesn’t mention the places they found the stones directly, but does mention places near them like Olkedo, Faversham, and Cross Corners. It also mentions Shikotsu, Glimmer Drift, Lintague, D'Asiago, Bismuth, and Greenmaze. They offer Connor Bibli's drajule for 3000 suls and he accepts. As they exit they encounter a swarm of Origamoose. They defeat them and Nieve catches one.

Rewards Granted

  • 8 xp
  • 2 skill points
  • 1500 suls for the teleport monster

Missions/Quests Completed

Chalky's Treasures
Fygmal's Bounty
Expedition of Knowledge

Character(s) interacted with

  • Susali Pepperina
  • Curtis Nielson
  • Marjabell
  • Anya Barayeva
  • Ravi
  • Girnolynne Greycoat

Created Content



Episode End Song: Luminous Places by Patty Griffin

Report Date
21 Jul 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Temple of Knowledge

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