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The Tales of Captain Preston

A memoir written by and about Captain Stancliff Preston about his life and adventures. It was once a very common book, but lately it has been hard to find. The copies from the Olkedo and Cross Corners libraries have gone missing. Is this part of a trend?   Excerpts:   Regarding Kasumi Oshiro:

As I took shelter for the night in a cave, I spied another denizen had made their camp here. And who should it be but dear Kasumi, who I had not seen in years! She was very sickly and weak and she could not even sit up without help. Her eyes were not like those of the Kasumi I knew, and upon recognizing me seized on me with a ferocity born out of hell. "You hid them. Give them back!" she crowed weakly at me. It hurt me to hear her still obsessed, still... corrupted. I held her as she raved, for deep down I believed the real Kasumi was still in there somewhere under all that madness. She knew she would not last the night, and asked me to bury her in the garden she once tended at the Emperor's Palace. I tried to explain that the capitol was not what it once was, that it was now The Scar of Rathana. She insisted still, and in the end I honored her last wish. I hope she is finally at peace.

Journal, Personal

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