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A campaign of MajiMonsters: Monster-Catching Role-Playing Game.   Long ago there were Maji, people with powerful magical abilities. They created many powerful magical beasts to serve them in their time, but these MajiMonsters got out of their control and even started proliferating on their own. The Maji were unable to stop the creatures they made and were wiped out.   It has been 200 years since the time of the Maji. The only magic that is remembered from that time is the magic of binding, which allows Binders to bind and control MajiMonsters. MajiMonsters now rule the Wildlands and many civilizations have crumbled. All that remain are some scattered cities and villages. There is no central government anymore in Rathana, since the settlements are so scattered. Travel is difficult and really only possible for Binders, who are needed to defend their villages from MajiMonsters. Therefore settlements tend to govern themselves, and don’t concern themselves with the affairs of other settlements.   Two groups of adventurers have independently stumbled upon a mystery, that involves Maji from 200 years ago. What could it possibly mean?

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Land of Vampires

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A dark fantasy duet campaign.



A group of young monster tamers must go on an epic jouney to save the world