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Maji were able to do complex magic. They created MajiMonsters to do their bidding. The MajiMonsters got out of their control however, and non-magic users rose against them to punish them for their foolishness in creating these powerful magical monsters. The Maji were extiguished 200 years ago during The Fall of the Maji. Though some Maji survived this event to teach Binders how to bind and control the beasts they created, there are no people known to posses the magical abilities of the Maji in present day.


Major language groups and dialects

The Maji spoke in the common language of Rathana and Orgenic. Orgenic was mainly used in spells and rituals, but the Maji also used it to obscure things from non-magic users. Though no one speaks Orgenic anymore, it can still be found in ruins of old Maji structures, so knowledge of it has not completely died out.

Common Myths and Legends

The Beginning of Magic is a myth describing how the Maji first received their magical powers.

Related Myths
Languages spoken

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