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The Beginning of Magic

The Mysticis looked upon the humans' creations with boredom. Making something out of things that were already there was predictable. The Twin Gods wondered what the humans could do if they could create for real.   They went to their sibling, Fulgur, and said, "Fulgur, this creation by the humans is all well and good, but do you not wonder what they could do if they were not constrained by the materials at hand?"   Fulgur admitted curiosity but explained Originale's warning about the energy of creation.   "I see," said Mysticus.   "No need to worry," Mystica chimed in. "We don't have to give humans the energy of creation. We only need to open up pathways for them to use it."   "And we can build worship of us into these pathways, so that the energy of creation is preserved," Mysticus finished.   Fulgur could see no flaw in their siblings' argument and wanted to bring it to Originale right away.   "No need to bother Originale with something so trivial," said Mysticus.   "We should try it first to see if it even works," Mystica followed.   The twins and Fulgur agreed that they would try to open up pathways to the energy of creation in only one-tenth of their human creation. They weaved worship and praise of the Gods into the spells and rituals they taught to these humans. The same spells and rituals performed by humans that did not have an open pathway did not work. The clever humans were soon manifesting their will in ways they never had before, even creating their own spells and rituals to do it. They made magical items, potions, and even the creatures that became known as Majimonsters. And not all the spells they created included an invocation of the Gods...   Originale was furious when they found out, for they believed that this spelled a slow demise for the Gods. Although the humans they made still worshiped the Gods for the time being, if humans could do magic with out invoking the Gods, eventually they would not invoke them at all. And to make matters worse, the pathway to the energy of creation was bound to blood, so the humans with the ability to do magic passed the ability to their offspring. Originale forbade Fulgur and the Mysticis from opening pathways to the energy of creation in the rest of the human population, and seeing the error of their ways, they agreed. And this is why only one in ten people have the ability to do magic or bind Majimonsters.


As with all stories about the Gods, this legend is nearly forgotten by people in the modern era. Though old tomes can be found with mention of the Gods and statues of the Gods exist throughout Rathana, they are mostly found in wild, ruined places where most people dare not travel. Even the rugged adventurers that do stumble upon these places, believe the Gods to be merely a superstition of their ancestors and nothing more.
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