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Marie hails from a small mountain town in one of the coldest regions of the continent. Her village is famous for special Arctic mushrooms that hold an exceptionally potent healing capacity. Coming from a long line of skilled alchemists, Marie naturally came under the tutelage of Osiris, the village’s eldest and wisest Alchemist. Having witnessed the power of magic and alchemy for millennia, he has come to know that it holds both benevolent and malevolent capacities. At many times the difference between the two is divided by a thin silver line. His aim was to impart this wisdom and caution to his new pupil. Marie soaked up every bit of information, was diligent in her studies and practiced all of her concoctions religiously. After years perfecting her craft, Marie thought she knew all there was to know about alchemy and was able to master the uses of the village’s mushrooms. She was even able to heal a lost seagull back to health that had blown in with a strong storm. She named him Croqueta and the two have been inseparable since.   It wasn’t until she found a strange book in Osiris’ library that she fully understood the other half of the story. You see, there was a whole other side to alchemy and the uses of the mushrooms that Osiris had not taught his student. As healing and beneficial they could be, they could also be equally as destructive. The book Marie found showed her all of the different ways in which the Arctic mushrooms could solve all of her village’s problems and aid in its defense during war. What she failed to understand was that these new uses were highly volatile and required significant sacrifice. Marie felt betrayed by her mentor and that fact that he had withheld this information from her. With tears in her eyes she confronted Osiris about his deception. She thought he trusted her enough to tell her all that there was to know. Marie stormed out as Osiris tried to reason with her. On her way out she grabbed the book with all of this new knowledge and headed to the deepest part of the forest to try one of these new transmutations illustrated in the book. Worried, Osiris followed her and finally came upon her as she was adding the last ingredient to a very dangerous concoction. In that moment he noticed that Marie had not closed the transmutation circle and jumped at her to prevent her from dropping the last ingredient. Osiris was able to save Marie’s life, however at the cost of his own.   As the dust cleared Marie slowly came to to notice the consequences of her dangerous impulse as she saw her mentor had vanished. Devastated and guilt ridden, Marie was determined to reverse what she had done, or at least find a way to pull her mentor from the alternate plane she had sent him to. Even if that meant searching the farthest Reaches of this world and wading through the darkest corners of alchemy.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a blue coat.
Year of Birth
1513 125 Years old

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