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Akari Oshiro

A Maji and daughter of Emperor Oshiro. According to an Emperor's Servant's Journal, Akari was in love with Mahavir Burman and Captain Stancliff Preston was in love with her. Other documents such as a Journal of 3 Trapped Maji suggest that Akari, Mahavir, Captain Preston, and her sister Kasumi Oshiro were involved in a plan to stop a major calamity during the height of the turmoil that marked The Fall of the Maji. The nature of the calamity they were trying to stop, whether they were successful, and to what extent is unknown.   Some adventurers in Rathana are starting to suspect she is still alive...

Year of Birth
1404 234 Years old
Circumstances of Death
No record has been found documenting when and how Akari died.
Long, sleek, black hair

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