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Ryoko Family Curse

A curse of some kind affects the Ryoko family. The women of this line leave home abruptly, for mysterious reasons.   Toshi Ryoko’s mother Haruki Ryoko, just left one day without saying anything to anyone, and his father Randal Ryoko Sr. went to look for her. His grandmother Kyoko Ryoko left in a very similar fashion before he was born. (Toshi Ryoko's backstory)   Toshi and his friends find Haruki’s journal in the hollow of a tree south of Olkedo. She seems obsessed with finding anchors and threads, but no one has any idea what that means. She took The Tales of Captain Preston from the library to help her search. From the writing it seems she is not entirely sure why she is even searching for these things. (Olkedo Session 4)   South of the Aegan River the adventuring party takes shelter from the rain in a cave. Under some moss on the cave wall the entire Ryoko family tree is drawn going back 10 generations. Kyoko’s name is crossed out along with many other women’s names. Haruki’s name is circled. Usagi Ryoko and Oki Ryoko’s names have question marks beside them. At the top of the tree the names change from Ryoko to Oshiro. Akari Oshiro was the name of Captain Stancliff Preston’s lover, who told him to hide the stones, and Akari had a sister Kasumi Oshiro. Both were daughters of Emperor Oshiro. There are many volumes in the cave with dates going back 200 years. They contain detailed notes of the goings on of the Ryoko family, particularly the women. The handwriting in all the volumes is the same. The handwriting does not match the handwriting in Haruki’s journal. The most recent entry mentions not being able to tell if Oki or Usagi are afflicted. Since the handwriting is the same for all those years someone old must have written it. When examining the dates of the journals they notice that there are long stretches of time with no entries. It seems whoever is making these journals only writes while the Ryoko women are in town, but after they leave they write nothing. The most recent entry is 5 years ago. (Olkedo Session 4)   When coming up with possible explanations of how someone could live so long, one of them remembers a settlement called Muscaria that has many alchemists. Rumor has it that they can make powerful heath potions that cause them to live longer than a normal human lifespan.   Tarot Reading about the Journals found in the cave with the family tree:
Past: 3 of Pentacles Reversed - The financier of the project's biggest contribution is enthusiasm, which will sustain the endeavor and serve as its foundation. Whatever you wish to build, find others with the same enthusiasm to build it with you. This may be in business, community work, the arts or any other process that requires many willing hands and hearts. They are out there looking for you.
Present: 7 of Swords Reversed - The person who is acting in a sneaking or dishonorable way may not fully be aware of the harm they are doing. There is some history in the situation that will hurt more when the truth comes out. It's time for everyone to put their cards on the table, including any feelings of betrayal, past hurts, or failures.
Future: The High Priestess Reversed - You have passed through challenging initiation tasks and have been admitted to the inner temple. Take some time to reflect upon what you have recently learned. Sit with any fear until it dissolves away. The two keys of knowledge are now yours for the taking: the gold key of worldly matters and the silver key of mystical matters. You have proven yourself worthy of the Mysteries.
(Olkedo Session 4)   Akari Oshiro may still be alive. A year ago, a binder woman, with long black hair came to Cross Corners. The blacksmith, Floyd Hunt, said her name was Akari. Shortly after she left town, the librarian, Andre Bridges went missing. A kid says he heard her voice compelling Mr. Bridges to come outside of town and bring The Tales of Captain Preston and the History of the Old Empire with him. They later find Mr. Bridges decomposing corpse in the forest. (Olkedo Session 5)

Plot points/Scenes

People involved:
  • Kyoko Ryoko - Toshi's grandmother, left mysteriously before Toshi was born.
  • Usagi Ryoko - Toshi's sister, might be affected by the curse.
  • Oki Ryoko - Toshi's sister, might be affected by the curse.
  • Akari Oshiro - the Emperor's daughter. Lived 200 years ago. May be related to the Ryokos based on a family tree found drawn on a cave wall. Recent evidence suggests she might still be alive.
  • Kasumi Oshiro - the Emperor's daughter. Lived 200 years ago. May be related to the Ryokos based on a family tree found drawn on a cave wall.

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