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The Black Stones

A slightly magical-feeling black stone was found in Sunfall Cave under Sunfall Lake. It was hidden there by Captain Stancliff Preston, a Maji who lived 200 years ago. (Olkedo Session 1)   It seems like a piece of a larger object.   The loremaster of the Olkedo Binders Guild, Wyndam Hughes, thinks it feels a little like a drajule. (Olkedo Session 2)   In the note found with the black stone, Preston mentions his love told him to hide the stones. Later Flint Paelun gives the party a Book of Love Poems that was written by Captain Preston. It doesn’t mention any names but Flint says Preston was in love with Akari Oshiro, the Emperor’s daughter. (Olkedo Session 1 & Olkedo Session 2)   Toshi Ryoko's sister Oki Ryoko told them that the stone ‘wasn’t theirs.’ (Olkedo Session 2)   Toshi finds a book in the Faversham library that mentions a love triangle between Captain Preston, Akari Oshiro, and Mahavir Burman. Akari loved Mahavir, and Captain Preston loved Akari. This book also mentions Akari’s sister Kasumi Oshiro trying to find ways to stop the out of control Majimonsters from taking over. (Olkedo Session 3)   A mysterious stranger pickpocketed the stone from Toshi in Faversham. He seemed to know what the stone was. He gives them the key to The Ruined Keep in the forest east of Faversham and tells them there is another stone located there. He says that there are some dangerous people after the stones and he thinks they will be safer with them for now, since they are probably not known to these people. (Olkedo Session 3)   A second stone is found in a Ruined Keep near Faversham, with a Journal of 3 Trapped Maji, written it seems at the height of The Fall of the Maji. Apparently, Mahavir, Stancliff, Akari and Kasumi asked the 3 Maji to keep the stone safe while they tried to end the 'madness.' The stone had a mesmerizing effect and one of the Maji, Elusia, tried to take it and run. This journal also makes mention of 'The Beast.' Is this the cataclysm that Captain Preston and the others were trying to stop? (Olkedo Session 3)  
It seems we face death by starvation or death by mob. The three of us have made a pact to stay in the keep on the slim hope that hiding the stone can still thwart the Beast.
— Excerpt from the Journal of 3 Trapped Maji
  The adventuring party forged a journal to replace the Journal of 3 Trapped Maji, implying that one of the Maji took the stone to Pearlwich, in order to throw whoever is looking for the stones off their trail. (Olkedo Session 3)   Since touching the stone, Farmer Ott has been dreaming of black tendrils spreading through the ground with evil intent. The players later encounter black tendrils in Green Valley. Do these tendrils have something to do with the stones? (Olkedo Session 4)   Akari Oshiro may be related to the Ryoko family, based on the family tree they found in the cave. (Olkedo Session 4)   Akari Oshiro may still be alive. A year ago, a binder woman, with long black hair came to Cross Corners. The blacksmith, Floyd Hunt, said her name was Akari. Shortly after she left town, the librarian, Andre Bridges went missing. A kid says he heard her voice compelling Mr. Bridges to come outside of town and bring The Tales of Captain Preston and the History of the Old Empire with him. They later find Mr. Bridges decomposing corpse in the forest. (Olkedo Session 5)   Evelyn Delacroix a cultist in Cross Corners, was said to be very sensitive to magic. She felt an ominous surge in magical activity and felt the need to make a deal with a talking Majimonster named Scratch to protect the town from it. After Scratch was bound, he was not able to talk anymore and both Brick and Nieve Powell sensed some connection being severed. Perhaps Scratch was affected by the magic that Evelyn sensed? The tendrils in Green Valley were also magical in nature, were they also part of the trend of ominous magical activity? If the tendrils are related to the black stones, based on Ott’s visions, are the stones involved in this magical activity somehow? (Olkedo Session 6)   If Scratch is somehow related to the stones: Scratch was trying to get Evelyn to go to the Drajule Altar and the Temple of Knowledge in order to learn more spells. (Olkedo Session 7)   At the base of Vultheryol Peak, our protagonists find the journal of Sangey, a now deceased mountaineer. They learn from the journal that 6 years ago a mysterious stranger, with golden brown hair in a ponytail and a scar over his right eye, entered a cave at the top of the Peak. A year and a half ago, a woman matching the description of Akari Oshiro also went into the cave at the top of the peak. She exited the cave accusing Sangey of stealing 'the stone.' The logbook entry about the woman with pale skin and long black hair was the last entry in Sangey's logbook. Did Akari kill Sangey? Could this stone have been one of the black stones? Who is the mysterious stranger with the scar over his eye and what does he know about the stones? What does the woman with long black hair know about them? Does the mysterious stranger now have one of the stones? (Olkedo Session 7)   Our protagonists find a Drajule Altar at the base of Vultheryol Peak. All their drajules hum with magic in the circle, and so do the black stones. This seems to confirm the theory that the stones are drajule fragments. Within the circle they can now definitely sense that there is some Majimonster bound to the broken drajule. When they sleep here and Toshi and Nieve, who are each holding onto one of the stones, dream of black tentacles. When they wake up they examine the black stones again in the circle. As Nieve examines the stone, she sees in her mind a black mass with a black shiny oval in the middle of it, like an eye. It seems like only part of whatever is inside is visible. (Olkedo Session 8)   Rasputia's mother Lucinda seems to think that the curse on Croatoan may have been caused by a ghost she disturbed in the past, by breaking the jar it was kept in. When the ghost disappeared, Lucinda felt a feeling like a thread snapping or a connection being severed. The party recalls a time they felt a very similar feeling in Cross Corners, when they bound Scratch. (Olkedo Session 6) When exploring the ruin where Lucinda saw the ghost, our protagonists find a note in Orgenic seemingly written by Captain Stancliff Preston. (Olkedo Session 9 and Croatoan Curse)   The group runs into the mysterious stranger they met in Faversham who gave them the key to The Ruined Keep on their way to Bismuth. He introduces himself as Bakl-vah. He explains how he thinks the stones are the fragments of a drajule to a very dangerous Majimonster that may now be waking up, which is causing strange magical surges throughout Rathana. He says people with bad intentions seem to be after the stones. He asks for the adventurers' help in finding more of the stones, to keep them out of the wrong hands, and gives them the elusive tome, The Tales of Captain Preston to aid their search. He suggests they consult the tome for ideas on where to begin searching for the stones. He also suggests that the group make their way to Muscaria and talk to Fygmal Tyqor who has a device that detects magical surges. (Olkedo Session 9)   Our adventurers discover that Akari, Kasumi, Mahavir, and Captain Preston visited Dr. Isabella Stein just before the calamity that wiped out the Maji to learn about phylacteries. They put together that the 'ghost jar' that Lucinda broke in Croatoan was a phylactery. They find the phylactery that the four ancient Maji hid in Castle Stein and open it. As they do they feel a connection between the phylactery and something else being severed. For what did the four Maji use the phylacteries? Are they somehow related to the stones? ( Olkedo Session 11 )   Thugs were sent to the Temple of Knowledge with orders ( Orders found at the Temple of Knowledge ) to find out anything about the Black Stones.  ( Olkedo Session 12 )   Another black stone is found at the bottom of Shikotsu Lake. ( Olkedo Session 13 )   Another black stone is found at the Temple of the Gods. ( Olkedo Session 14 )

Plot points/Scenes

  • 4 stones found so far
  • 1 collected by someone else
  • More may be found by using The Tales of Captain Preston if the book can be located. Everywhere that our protagonists have looked, the book has been missing. Perhaps this is not a coincidence? They finally receive a copy from Bakl-vah.
  People involved:
  • Kasumi Oshiro and Mahavir Burman - involved in stopping some 'calamity' in the last days of the Maji. Does this calamity have something to do with the stones?
  • Bakl-vah - encountered in Faversham. Knew about the stones. Warned that dangerous people were looking for them. Enlisted the help of the adventurers to find them.
  • A mysterious stranger - Ravi?  Seems to have collected one of the black stones from a cave at the top of Vultheryol Peak. This stranger also caught one of the pair of Bestigur that lived at the top of the Peak.

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