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Bismuth is Brick’s hometown. Brick’s father, Brett, a Majimonster breeder, still lives here. (Brick's backstory)   According to Fernando Laguna, Faversham has not gotten any shipments from Bismuth for a month. (Olkedo Session 4)   Iscyra Oxblood says that Bismuth is where they get gems to make drajules. (Olkedo Session 4)   Tarot Reading about Bismuth (From Isidora's Tarot Reading):
Past: 6 of Swords – The 6 of Swords represents moving on to start anew. Perhaps the town has let go of an old custom, or perhaps someone left?
Present: 5 of Pentacles – This place is suffering some hardship, some poverty or loss.
Future: 10 of Pentacles Reversed – If things are not made right, Bismuth will suffer complete financial failure. The increase in the number of Pentacles from Present to Future indicates that great wealth could be found here if the hardship is resolved.
(Olkedo Session 4)   Brick tells everyone that before his mother Jade left, she started going on more walks outside of town. She went on a walk on the Thrice Full Moon and a monster appeared from nowhere, wrapped its arms around her, and poofed the way Majimonsters do when defeated in battle, taking his mother with it. Brick never saw his mother again. (Olkedo Session 5)   On Vultheryol Peak in Sangey's journal they find mention of Rantha Helia, a person that Brick knows who now lives in Bismuth. (Olkedo Session 7)   Our adventurers make it to Bismuth and learn that the city has been beset by Majimonsters coming from the mines, and zombie-like Majimonsters all around the city. They are tasked by the Gem Council to find the source of the Majimonsters and stop them. They explore the mines and find some tunnels that open out to the other side of the mountain, providing a path for wild Majimonster to make it into the city. Wanting to be thorough, they decide to explore the rest of the mines before they collapse any tunnels. ( Olkedo Session 10 )   The mines eventually lead them into the basement of the old castle outside of town. In here they find the source of the zombie monsters, a giant duplicating crystal. They destroy the crystal and stop the zombies, but decide to explore the rest of the castle to make sure there aren't any more. Eventually they find Dr. Isabella Stein an alchemist who did an experiment to put herself in a Majimonster body. They find out the Dr. Stein has been asleep in Castle Stein for about 200 years. Akari Oshiro, Kasumi Oshiro, Mahavir Burman, and Captain Stancliff Preston came to her to learn how to make phylacteries and are the ones who put her to sleep. She is very eager to find them and when our adventurers refuse to tell her where they are she attacks! They are able to defeat her but as they do she turns in to a ball of light and floats away to the top of the castle, as if returning to a drajule. They explore the rest of the castle and find some other people she turned into Majimonsters. At the very top of the castle they find her phylactery and the 3 drajules of the Majimonster people. They smash the drajules thinking it will release the but it doesn't work. They resolve to find a way to put them back together and release the Majimonsters inside. They open Dr. Stein's phylactery and release her spirit, defeating her once and for all. They then collapse the tunnels leading to the castle and the ones leading outside, and report their progress to the Gem Council. They are paid 300 suls and a drajule each for their efforts. ( Olkedo Session 11 )

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