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Isidora's Tarot Reading

Past: 5 of Swords – This card points to a conflict in the past. Ambition has lead to a betrayal or a hollow victory, which is often the road to isolation and ruin.
Present: The Devil – The devil can symbolize entrapment or slavery. It also represents our shadow selves. In combination with the 5 of swords in the past position, this seems to point to some kind of tyrannical takeover.
Future: 2 of Cups – This card symbolizes partnerships, and harmony. This could mean that forces are at work to bring the two sides of the conflict indicated by the previous cards together. But with the Devil in the present position I wouldn’t rule out dark forces coming together to benefit from this situation.

  The Scar
Past: The Tower – Ambition constructed on faulty premises. A catastrophic change has struck it down, causing destruction and chaos all around. Didn’t need a card to tell you that, have you seen the place?
Present: The Hanged Man – The Hanged Man is a sign to pause and reflect on critical decisions. The best action may be no action for now. Suspend action until you are sure your goals can be properly implemented. A sacrifice may need to be made.
Future: Wheel of Fortune - What will happen here was always fated to happen. There are forces at work beyond human control.

Past: 6 of Swords – The 6 of Swords represents moving on to start anew. Perhaps the town has let go of an old custom, or perhaps someone left?
Present: 5 of Pentacles – This place is suffering some hardship, some poverty or loss.
Future: 10 of Pentacles Reversed – If things are not made right, Bismuth will suffer complete financial failure. The increase in the number of Pentacles from Present to Future indicates that great wealth could be found here if the hardship is resolved.

Past: The Heirophant – Conformity and tradition have always been the law of the land here. While this may sound stuffy and oppressive, this card signifies the importance of listening to elders and mastering the fundamental before attempting innovation.
Present: 5 of Cups – Regret and unexpected results. This could mean that the teachings of the Heirophant weren’t heeded, and things went wrong when someone went their own way.
Future: Page of Wands – The Page of Wands symbolizes curiosity and opportunity. I think that this means that the innovations at work here will ultimately succeed. The mistakes of the past will be learned from instead of holding back new ideas.

Past: The Empress – The Empress signifies beauty and fertility. There was great abundance here in the past.
Present: 7 of Pentacles Reversed – The hard work put in here is not reaping the same rewards it once did. Something has happened to diminish the abundance that was here in the past.
Future: The Star – The Star is a reminder that after great turmoil there is always hope. Courage and perseverance will make a bad situation better in the end.
  Green Valley
Past: Queen of Wands – The Queen of Wands is full of health, vitality and determination. The past for Green Valley is very optimistic.
Present: 9 of Swords – Fear and anxiety. Nightmares can be hard to distinguish from reality. With this card following the Queen of Wands, I would say that the Queen’s determination led to stubbornness that caused the current situation.
Future: Ace of Cups Reversed – Beware of illusions, you may need to repress your emotions to move on from a bad situation.

  Reading on the journals found in the Ryoko family tree cave
Past: 3 of Pentacles Reversed - The financier of the project's biggest contribution is enthusiasm, which will sustain the endeavor and serve as its foundation. Whatever you wish to build, find others with the same enthusiasm to build it with you. This may be in business, community work, the arts or any other process that requires many willing hands and hearts. They are out there looking for you.
Present: 7 of Swords Reversed - The person who is acting in a sneaking or dishonorable way may not fully be aware of the harm they are doing. There is some history in the situation that will hurt more when the truth comes out. It's time for everyone to put their cards on the table, including any feelings of betrayal, past hurts, or failures.
Future: The High Priestess Reversed - You have passed through challenging initiation tasks and have been admitted to the inner temple. Take some time to reflect upon what you have recently learned. Sit with any fear until it dissolves away. The two keys of knowledge are now yours for the taking: the gold key of worldly matters and the silver key of mystical matters. You have proven yourself worthy of the Mysteries.


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