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Vultheryol Peak

Vultheryol Peak is the highest mountain in Rathana. Many adventurers challenge themselves by climbing it, usually with the help of the friendly mountaineer and guide that lives near the bottom. Few go all the way to the top, as the top of this mountain is home to two powerful Majimonsters, that few Binders want to tangle with. Sightings of these monsters have described them as lizard-like, having long necks and tails, with spikes all down their spines. They have leathery wings and have been seen breathing lightning and fire from their toothy maws.   Rumor has it that a Binder has managed to catch one of these monsters recently, and the top is now only inhabited by one.

Fauna & Flora

Mysticac, Nelumbus, Bihrrage, Scorpivine, and Caribound have been observed on the mountain. Explorers have also reported seeing Sandroc, though sightings of these are rare.   And of course there are two giant lizard-like monsters at the very top of the mountain. Little is known about these powerful Majimonsters...

Mountain / Hill
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