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Olkedo Session 8

General Summary

Our adventurers travel back down Vultheryol Peak and seek out the Drajule Altar that is nearby. At the Drajule Altar their drajules and the black stones hum with energy, confirming their suspicions that the black stones are drajule fragments. The black stones seem to have a majimonster bound to them. Afterwards they head toward Croatoan.  

Detailed Summary

  After sleeping in the cave at the top of Vultheryol Peak, and recollecting their pasts, Rasputia, Brick, Toshi Ryoko, Nieve Powell, and Jebedaiah Bateman descend down the mountain. They decide to go down the Rock Path of the mountain. Heading down the path, they first come to a steep cliff of ice. The path continues below. Jebedaiah climbs down first, and once he makes it everyone else flies down on the back of Zuko, the dragon they caught at the summit.   Next, coming around a bend in the trail, they see a large tan bird of prey up ahead called a Sandroc. They battle it and Brick catches it. They make it below the treeline. It starts raining a cold wet rain. Several party members get exhausted and catch colds. A little further ahead they come upon an abandoned campsite with a view of a waterfall, where they decide to rest. They find Surestep Boots there, which Jebedaiah claims for his own. Brick scouts ahead with his new flying monster and sees a steep slope with sharp-looking, loose rocks. They decide to fly over this portion and as they do some small winged creatures throw rocks at them from below. Not about to let that go unpunished, the group fights the Griggles and defeats them with Toshi catching one. They continue down the trail and come to a place where the path narrows to a thin ledge. There is only enough room for one person at a time, shimmying with their back against the wall. Toshi falls off but Zuko flies down and saves him.   They finally make it back to Sangey’s cabin at the bottom of the mountain. Jebedaiah searches at the base of the mountain for a river and finds one. He places his head in the water and looks around. As he does so, some frog-like creatures are startled and attack! They defeat the Lylybogg and 3 Amphiboils, and catch 2 of the Amphiboils thinking they can use them to help the drought-plagued Croatoan when they get there.   They then decide to try to find the Drajule Altar mentioned in the Book of Ruins and Evelyn Delacroix’s Journal. The Drajule Altar is a raised circular platform of stone with stone pillars all around it. The pillars have drajules on each of them. As the enter the circle, the glyph carved into the floor starts to glow. Their drajules hum with energy here. The black stones do too. Toshi and Nieve, who are each holding on to one of the black stones, now are certain that they are drajule fragments and are connected to a Majimonster. Nieve examines one of the pillars and finds a lesser archdrajule. Jebedaiah finds a drajule on another pillar. Toshi tries to take a drajule from yet another pillar but it turns out to be a Majimonster that looks like a drajule! 4 Antipode and 1 Shadowwodahs attack and are defeated, with Nieve catching the Shadowwodahs. After the battle they examine the other pillars looking for more drajules. One of the pillars has a piece of red stone shaped like a drajule. They find another lesser archdrajule and another drajule on the remaining pillars. Toshi remembers his mentor Idaha Dave talking about such altars and mentioning that they could aid in drajulecraft. Toshi crafts a drajule here and it is easier than usual. They sleep here and Toshi and Nieve dream of black tentacles. When they wake up they examine the black stones again in the circle. As Nieve examines the stone, she sees in her mind a black mass with a black shiny oval in the middle of it, like an eye. It seems like only part of whatever is inside is visible.   They start flying toward Croatoan. Jebedaiah suggests they stop at a river and gather rations. They all fish in the river and most catch some fish, but Nieve and Rasputia catch Majimonster fish! Two Foilfin appear and they defeat them. They then continue their journey and make it to Croatoan.

Rewards Granted

  • 10 xp
  • 2 skill points
  • Surestep Boots +1 Athletics
  • 2 lesser archdrajules
  • 2 drajules
  • A shiny red stone

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Vultheryol Peak
  • The Drajule Altar


Episode End Song: Coming Home by Zeon

Report Date
10 Feb 2019
Primary Location
Vultheryol Peak
Secondary Location

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Cover image: by pinksparklesJ


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