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Rasputia comes from a small, run down, and nearly abandoned farming community, far away from any larger settlements. She has 14 siblings. Rasputia was the last of her siblings still living with her mother Lucinda, but due her failing health, Rasputia's sister Marvell came back to the farm with her wife Pam, who is a doctor, to aid in her care. The drought afflicting the farm has caused her to feel that she needed to move on to find a solution. She believes a curse has been placed on their land and she needs to find a way to lift it. She traded some medicine stolen from Pam to a Gretta Jenkin in exchange for her Cinderscale. She then captured and Aerochnid that had been trapped in her cellar for years, freeing up some food to last her family more time while she leaves to figure out how to save their homestead. She has only a year to figure out how to lift the drought before the farm has to be abandoned.


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