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Croatoan Curse


Croatoan is Rasputia’s hometown. Her mother, her sister, Marvell, and her sister’s wife, Pam, still live here. (Rasputia's backstory)   Croatoan has been suffering a drought that has been getting worse and worse. Rasputia believes it is a curse. (Rasputia's backstory)   Rasputia asks Toshi Ryoko about the curse on his family (Ryoko Family Curse) to gain perspective on her own situation, but neither of them knows very much about curses or how to break them. (Olkedo Session 3)   Markus Zade mentions another town called Green Valley that has been having a drought. It sounds very similar to what's been happening to Croatoan. (Olkedo Session 4)   Croatoan and Green Valley are both near The Scar, on opposite sides.   Tarot Reading about Croatoan (From Isidora's Tarot Reading):
Past: The Empress – The Empress signifies beauty and fertility. There was great abundance here in the past.
Present: 7 of Pentacles Reversed – The hard work put in here is not reaping the same rewards it once did. Something has happened to diminish the abundance that was here in the past.
Future: The Star – The Star is a reminder that after great turmoil there is always hope. Courage and perseverance will make a bad situation better in the end.
(Olkedo Session 4)   Gareth Michaels, a resident of Green Valley, thinks that the soil of his town is cursed and has been doing experiments to figure it out. Toshi picked up his experiment journal. One of the townspeople also says they have been using a water Majimonster to help water the crops. (Olkedo Session 4)   Green Valley is completely covered in black dust when players arrive. The townsfolk are nowhere to be found. Our protagonists take mushroom and soil samples from here. The townsfolk are eventually found in a basement, held to the walls with black tendrils. Gareth confronts them here. He seems to be corrupted somehow, as his eyes are completely black and there are curling black lines on his skin. After defeating Gareth, the tendrils pull him into the dirt. The tendrils are not harmed by Brick’s knife, suggesting that they are magical in nature. The tendrils are harmed by Majimonsters, and players are able to get them to retreat into the dirt. (Olkedo Session 4)   When Farmer Ott touched the black stone found in Sunfall Cave he started having visions of black tendrils spreading through the ground with evil intent. Are these tendrils somehow related to The Black Stones? Are the tendrils part of the curse? And are the events of Green Valley going to happen in Croatoan? (The Black Stones)   The adventurers finally make it to Croatoan and fortunately it does not look like Green Valley. The crops are dry, however, and the area seems depressed. Rasputia's mother Lucinda seems to think that the curse on Croatoan may have been caused by a ghost she disturbed in the past, by breaking the jar it was kept in. When the ghost disappeared, Lucinda felt a feeling like a thread snapping or a connection being severed. The party recalls a time they felt a very similar feeling in Cross Corners, when they bound Scratch. (Olkedo Session 6) When exploring the ruin where Lucinda saw the ghost, our protagonists find a note in Orgenic seemingly written by Captain Stancliff Preston. (Olkedo Session 9 and The Black Stones)   Dareion mentioned that Isidora Blackwood stopped here and gave a fortune telling. (Olkedo Session 9)

The problems of this place are connected to something much larger. Small things can be done now to sustain it, but a bigger problem must be solved before this place can become prosperous again.
— Isidora Blackwood
  In Lucinda's house, they decide to explore the basement where Rasputia says she saw her brother Tavaris disappear. They dig in the dirt floor of the basement and find a tunnel, much like the one Rasputia saw as a child. They explore the tunnel, and walk a very long way without event. Brick and Nieve Powell notice that they seem to be headed west in the direction of The Scar. Eventually they come upon some very powerful fungal Majimonsters and have to run away from them because they are too strong. Nieve feels a compulsion to continue down the tunnel past the monsters (Mystery Condition), and Brick has to stop her. They manage to escape and cave in the tunnel behind them so the monsters can't follow. (Olkedo Session 9)

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