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A Knight Champion. Brick age 14, ran away from his hometown of Bismuth 2 years ago. His father Brett is a polygamist, or at least tries to be. Brick didn't know his mother Jade very well but he knows she was either a cop or a nurse. His mother left when he was young because she couldn't stand the type of person his father was. Sex was on his mind so much that it was even his job. He was a Majimonster breeder. Brick tried to distance himself so much from his previous life that he never uses his last name and relationships are something that he actively avoids. He has found his way to a town called Olkedo. Another binder has noticed his skill as a binder and invited him to join the Olkedo Binders Guild.

Year of Birth
1624 14 Years old
Aligned Organization
Olkedo Binders' Guild

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