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Stone Helms

The Stone Helms are the organization that forms the town guard of Bismuth. Despite their name, guards in the Stone Helms do not actually wear stone helms, though their barracks are decorated with them. The Stone Helms are the main military force of Bismuth for dealing with outside threats and also law enforcement for upholding the laws as written by the Gem Council.


Though the Stone Helms must uphold the laws written by the Gem Council, members answer directly to the Stone Helm with the rank of Captain. The Captain of the Stone Helms is appointed by the Ruby Representative of the Gem Council and oversees all the corps of the Helms.   There are four divisions of the Stone Helms. The Slate Helms, by far the largest corps in the Stone Helms, is the main martial force that guards Bismuth. They are responsible for stopping crimes and meeting out punishment for them, and also for repelling any mundane outside threats to the city. The Granite Helms are the Binder corps of the Stone Helms. They are responsible for dealing with Majimonsters and other threats magical in nature. They are the least martially trained force in the Stone Helms, because they mainly use their Majimonsters in battle. The Basalt Helms are the search and rescue corps of the Helms. They are trained to put out fires, rescue miners from cave-ins, and protect people from any natural disaster that might occur. Many members of this corps have medical training in addition to martial training. The Sandstone Helms are the traveling corps of the Helms. They protect trade caravans, scout potential threats, and hunt fugitives that flee the city. Members of this corps must have good martial and scouting skills and a vast majority of the members are Binders.
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
The Helms

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