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Gem Council

The Gem Council is the ruling body of Bismuth.   Five representatives are elected to the council every five years with no limits on how many times an individual can be reelected. Each seat is meant to be run by an expert of the specialty it represents, but nothing prevents people from electing who they want. Every citizen of Bismuth gets to vote for the Council. Each council member usually has a team of advisers to help round out their knowledge. All council members vote on any issue that affects the town, even issues that don’t fall under their specialty. The council member whose specialty is the issue of the day is responsible for bringing it to the attention of the others and describing the issue.


The council seats are Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire. No one seat is more powerful than the others. Each seat represents a specialty of something important to the town’s well being. The Diamond Representative’s focus is on mining, as that is the town’s main source of wealth. The Emerald Representative focuses on matters of food and water. The Topaz Representative is an expert on building and construction. The Ruby Representative is dedicated to the safety of the town, and the Sapphire Representative is dedicated to profitable trade. Each member keeps close ties to the community and to the workers that fall under their specialty, so that they can quickly identify problems.

Public Agenda

The Gem Council's goal is to ensure the safety and prosperity of Bismuth and its citizens.
Geopolitical, City council
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Controlled Territories

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