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Connor Wentworth

An account by Connor Wentworth

A handsome devil, Binder, and adventurer, Connor Wentworth is the foremost authority on the ancient Maji. He is the author of several popular volumes, including Book of Ruins, Maji Ruins of Magical Power, and Maji: A History.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Connor is an attractive man of exceptional physical quality with a full head of sandy hair, a dashing mustache, and twinkling blue eyes.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Preeminent Scholar on the Ancient Maji, Historian of Daring-Do, and The Sexiest Man in Rathana
Blue, twinkly
Rugged and sandy-blonde
Known Languages

A list of accounts by Connor Wentworth

Temple of Knowledge
Book of Ruins
Lintague Labyrinth
Sunfall Cave

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