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"Look at this lil guy! He's so cute with his little frosty scales!"
— Someone who encountered a chilgo


  Chilgos are small, lizard-like creatures. They live in the Gelaal Mountains and have a tremendous talent for climbing and jumping. They have a long tail to help with their balance, as well as use as a weapon if needed. They use their four feet to move about quickly with great ease, with their uncannily grippy toes helping every move they make.   While chilgos are quite friendly and approachable, their tail, as well as portions of their spine, is covered in ice. This covering provides them some protection from harm, as well as being able to use it as a weapon should the need arise. The ice formed on the body of a chilgo is caused by their own body, not by natural freezing of water, and because of this they are not just able to use it to smack potential predators, but also fling it at high velocities by a flick of their tail.  

Family Oriented

  Chilgos are a very social creature, and often lives in large family groups. They are a very curious species, and love to explore new surroundings. In fact, they often investigate objects that look like they could provide food or shelter.   Because of their relatively short lifespan, their reproduction happens at any given time in the year, and they can spawn roughly a dozen hatchlings. It is common for chilgos to live with their parents until two months, which is when they reach maturity, at that point they either choose to remain with family or strike out on their own.   Due to their approachability, many people try to take chilgos from their environment, however outside of the mountainside they do not tend to last very long. With the help of magicks from the Magisterium, some chilgos have managed to flourish in captivity, though it is not easy or cheap to successfully keep a chilgo in captivity.
Approximately 20 months
Average Weight
100 to 200 grams
Average Length
Approximately 6 inches


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1 Dec, 2021 12:45

Cuuuute! I wonder, you say that these little dudes don't last long in captivity. What do they have in the mountainside that they don't have otherwise? Some special resource as food, or is it the climbing that they require to live long?   Sad that they only live for 20 months, but I bet it's an amazing 20 months for them nonetheless.   Keep up the good work! :D

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1 Dec, 2021 13:25

It's the environment; the thickness of the air, the temperatures, add it all up and you get a place not fit for a chilgo, they're delicate lil fellas!

1 Dec, 2021 13:18

Really gonna need some explanation of their reproduction with less than 2 years of life...

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1 Dec, 2021 13:29

Give it another quick look, just updated!

1 Dec, 2021 15:28

They sound adorable :D Given the difficulty and expense of keeping one as a pet though, are they kept in particular by any one group or class of people? Dwarves, elves, nobles, pancake-elementals?   Awesome stuff!

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1 Dec, 2021 19:45

No, they require constant upkeep to ensure their proper environment is maintained so outside of study by the Magisterium, they're not kept as pets

1 Dec, 2021 18:46

And since I saw the image you showed on Discord, I can see how you imagine a Chilgo to look like.   A cute little fella. What do they prey on/eat? And do they have any natural enemies, besides humans?

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2 Dec, 2021 11:53

I LOVE THIS!!! I want my own ice-lizard! Very good work =)

2 Dec, 2021 22:46

Awww, they're so cute. It's a shame they only live a short lifespan. I like the note on how difficult it is to keep them in captivity. I assume it's the environment that's the issue?

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
3 Dec, 2021 04:50

Yep! Their normal environment in the mountains is ideal for them, changing even just the thickness of the air makes it hard for them

6 Dec, 2021 11:36

They are sounding like a cute bunch :3

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11 Dec, 2021 17:21

What a cute little creature! I wonder, does they big litters cause trouble to people? Are there Chilgo infestation which have to be dealt with?   One problem: The sentence "They have a long tail to help with their balance, as well as use as a weapon if needed." reads a little bit bad. Consider rewording it

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11 Dec, 2021 17:25

No, their reproduction rate isn't much of an issue, they can only survive in the mountains and they don't live past two years.

11 Dec, 2021 17:33

So the parts of mountains they live in aren't inhabited by a lot of people?

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11 Dec, 2021 17:47