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Huey Romero

Devil Heart Huey Alexis Romero (a.k.a. Hue, Hubert, Mr. Keely, and Mingus Yogswain.)

A tiefling born of sexual violence. He carries the blood of a vrolikai within him, but was adopted into a family of gnomes after his peasant mother abandoned him. After being sent to the gallows for piracy and murder, he was freed by his adoptive mother and became a fugitive. It wasn't long before he was recruited onto the Rose of the Tides, which later lead to a position as an officer aboard the The Wicked Reckoning. Huey is now the main pilot and a member of the Admiralty Board on the Rolling Storm.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Huey is very fit and flexible, able to keep up with most of his quarry during hunts. He's muscular and tall, towering over commoners and a majority of the crew. He doesn't get sick often, but when he does, it's bad. This is partly due to the stress and anxiety his schizophrenia puts him through.

Body Features

Huey likes to adorn his body with tattoos and piercings. He has a single stud on his chin, a septum ring, and his right eyebrow is pierced twice. He has gauges in his ears as well five other piercings on the left and five on the right. His left horn is pierced once. His nipples are pierced as well. A tattoo of a saber cat skull surrounded by bright flowers covers his right arm. A tattoo of an eyeball resting inside of a rose is on the left side of his neck, as well as a tattoo on the center of an occult goddess. On his left hip, he has a tattoo of the Rolling Storm's emblem to cover up a small tattoo he had as a tribute to his past crew. A long scar runs from the back of his right shoulder and down to his left hip. Several scars adorn his right arm and chest from training animals.

Facial Features

Huey has a long face with a square jawline and prominent cheekbones. His eyelids are hooded and he has subtle dark spots beneath his eyes. He has a Roman-like nose and bow-shaped lips. The left side of his face is heavily scarred and the eye is damaged beyond repair, rendering him partially blind.

Identifying Characteristics

The scarred side of his face, his mechanical left arm, his twisting horns, and his crooked grin.

Physical quirks

Fiddles around with his cigarettes because he always needs something to do with his hands. He towers over most people and uses that to his advantage, either to intimidate those around him or to shove them out of his path if they're in his way. He walks quickly and due to his height, his strides are long and often tiresome for others to keep up with.

Special abilities

  • He has a natural resistance to fire, cold, and electricity.
  • Can easily change the initial attitudes of animals he meets.
  • Has a "soul seer" ability that allows him to use the deathwatch spell at will.
  • Can create treasure maps out of his targets flesh, which will point him to the things they treasure most.
  • Is able to pinpoint and target weaknesses in certain groups of targets with deadly accuracy.
  • Is unaffected by any sort of undergrowth when traveling and he can find a way to hide himself in his favored terrains, even without cover or concealment.

Apparel & Accessories

Huey tends to mostly wear low-cut shirts, tight pants, and boots. He also dons a lot of jewelry, some of which is made from the bones of animals. Pelts or animal tails are another accessory of his, the tails hanging off of his belts when he's wearing a jacket. Aside from the disguises he rarely uses, all of his outfits tend to match whatever environment is around him. He's a hunter, after all, so he needs to be able to blend in with his surroundings. A must have for all of his outfits is his eyepatch because he's self-conscious of his injured eye.

Specialized Equipment

  • Whispersong: A composite longbow with several magical enhancements. Arrows fired from the bow are corrosive on impact. It's also capable of dealing full damage to incorporeal beings and isn't hindered by water when fired beneath the waves.
  • Voodoo Doll: A magic item that can control someone so long as a drop of their blood or strand of their hair is affixed to it.
  • Spindle of Perfect Knowledge: Allows him to understand and communicate in any language, even through telepathic means. It also gives him a boost to his intelligence as well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

One half of a pair of twins born to a peasant woman and a vrolikai. Fearing that their presence would curse the village, their mother abandoned them after she failed to take their lives. They were later found by the famed monster hunter, Iosefka Romero, and adopted into her family. Growing up, Huey was reclusive and shunned by his peers for his morbid interests. Iosefka took him under her wing, teaching him the skills he'd need to go on and slay monsters for a living much like she did. Unfortunately, all that training wasn't enough to keep Huey from getting severely injured during one of their hunts.   A frenzied mantidrake had mutilated him, forcing Iosefka to face the beast directly to drive it away while the rest of her hunting party saved her son. While he survived, Huey lost his left arm and left eye, leaving him unable to fire his bow. Several years of trying to continue mercenary work left him depressed. He turned to prostitution and it was there that he met his future fiance, Giorgione Dior. Dior thought he had found true love, only realizing that he was taken advantage of once his ship was commandeered. Huey was a brutal captain, cutting down rival pirates and his own crew for many years.   He was eventually arrested by pirate hunters and thrown into a cell with none other than his ex, Dior. The two were to be sent to the gallows by morning, so they worked together to escape prison. In the final stretch, Dior betrayed Huey. He used him as a distraction while he reclaimed his ship, sailing off into the night and leaving Huey behind. Iosefka had no intention of letting the military kill her son though and when it was time to execute him, she shot the rope. Huey fled, living as a fugitive on the run until he was recruited to the Rose of the Tides.   Huey survived a kraken attack alongside TT, Owkbanok, and the officers of the ship. He later developed feelings for a changeling that joined the crew, nearly died during a prison riot, sold his soul in order to save Amelia's life, and survived the horrors of the Darkest House with his closest allies. After a successful raid on a Liosduin Bhearna military ship, Huey was an instrumental part in the formation of a new crew to man the Rolling Storm. He was appointed to the Admiralty Board, but despite that, he still serves as the ship's main pilot.

Gender Identity

Bigender (he/him)




Huey received a formal and even extensive education while growing up due to his family's wealth. He was taught many things, such as math and history, but also took to studying far more niche subjects in his own time. He's quite knowledgeable when it comes to living off of the land, hunting, and the subject of nature in general. He's well-versed in the lore and history surrounding monstrous and magical beings, which is a skill he's gotten to hone with life out on the seas.


  • Mercenary (3 years)
  • Monster Hunting (Ongoing)
  • Full-time Sex Worker (2 years)
  • Quartermaster of the Emerald Stalker (9 years)
  • Captain of the Emerald Stalker (4 years)
  • Main Pilot and Scout of the Wicked Reckoning (1 year)
  • Main Pilot, Officer, and Admiral of the Rolling Storm (Ongoing)

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Bested the Emerald Stalker's former quartermaster in battle, claiming his job as the prize.
  • Commandeered the Emerald Stalker from Black Eye and took his place as captain for several years.
  • Had an on and off relationship with a powerful vampire that also happened to be a pirate queen, successfully fooled a blood hag in order to have a fling with her, and charmed a siren to steal a precious artifact of hers, thus binding her to the sea indefinitely.
  • Survived a kraken attack aboard the Rose of the Tides.
  • Hunted and killed a wyvern, explored a hidden island full of dinosaurs, and aided in taking down a T-Rex; all alongside the party at the request of Eustace.
  • Took part in a successful raid on an elven treasure ship, broke away from the Wicked Reckoning with much of its crew in order to form a new crew for the Rolling Storm.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Lost his left eye and arm while hunting a mantidrake as a teenager.
  • Betrayed Black Eye and while captain of the Emerald Stalker, failed to keep the crew unified.
  • Couldn't save Morthos Malacast from being killed by a rival thief.
  • Failed to save Amelia Tilly from being killed by an undine spellcaster while on Sakatu.
  • Got played by a sylph who promised too much coin, tricking the party into releasing a dracolich that had been imprisoned for five centuries.

Mental Trauma

  • Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Schizophrenia
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

  • Minding your own business isn't good for business.
  • Violence is always an option.
  • Everyone has ulterior motives and every act has a price attached.
  • Children should be left mostly unharmed.
  • Get what you want and where you want to be by any means necessary.
  • Loyalty can be temporary, but a grudge can last a lifetime.
  • The direct path might be easy, but hard work goes a long way.


Asking another tiefling about their demonic heritage or the circumstances of their conception, killing children, hunting without purpose, getting asked for favors without getting something in return, and expectations that things should be done from the kindness of one's heart.

Personality Characteristics


Huey is driven by his own selfish desires.  If he wants something,  he'll get it by any means necessary and violence is always an option.  Greed is a powerful pull for him and he seldom does tasks for anyone unless there's coin involved.  He lives a life of vices and enjoys it thoroughly,  seeing no real reason to make the rest of the world's problems his own.  He wants to leave this world as a legend,  a killer and crook turned into someone else's motivation or fantasy.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Huey is knowledgeable when it comes to many things involving nature. He's a skilled hunter, especially when it comes to mysterious, magical, or monstrous creatures. As an expert survivalist, he knows how to thrive in most environments, even those that would prove difficult for the common woodsman. He's quite perceptive as well, and is skilled in taming and training animals. Huey also has basic medical training, allowing him to tend to the crew when out on missions.   While he has decent social skills, he finds it hard to read people and tends to take what they say at face value. He's quick to throw caution to the wind, even when he knows better, because the thrill is worth the risk. Huey's also prone to being tactless and dismissive of other's feelings, sometimes to the point of senseless bullying. He has a surprising level of skill in both hairdressing and acting, the latter forming from his love of tabletop games.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes panthers, smoking, cabaret, rough sex, cherries, gold, and acting. Dislikes bounty hunters, birds, oversleeping, math, and socialites. Favorite colors are candy apple red, marigold, and cerise. His favorite scents are tobacco, sandalwood, vanilla, and labdanum.

Virtues & Personality perks

Huey is ambitious and hard-working, determined to do whatever it takes to get ahead in life. Due to his ability to push himself beyond his limits, he finds himself successful more often than not. He's charming and wields it like a weapon. He doesn't lack for confidence either, always self-assured and ready to handle most situations, even if he's panicking internally. He's playful and good-humored among his friends and crew, not wanting anyone to feel down for too long. While his trust has been called into question in the past, he considers himself deeply loyal to his current crew. He'll pretend that he doesn't care about them that much, but proves himself wrong every time he jumps into the fire for their well-being.

Vices & Personality flaws

Huey's greedy and hedonistic, never willing to wait for good things to come when he simply take them whenever he wants. It's not a lack of patience, but more of an issue of control. He can come across as sleazy and overbearing at times, and he has no qualms with manipulating those that don't fall for his charms immediately. He's no stranger to selfishness and cockiness, both playing into the perception that he's arrogant and full of himself. Huey keeps himself closed off emotionally when he's in the beginning stages of getting to know someone. He doesn't like the idea of being vulnerable, so when that coldness does drop, it means he's put a healthy amount of trust in someone. He also suffers from paranoia, more than likely a result of his untreated schizophrenia.

Personality Quirks

When he feels nervous or amped up, he fiddles with his jewelry. He has an odd habit of counting to himself mentally in order to stave off his intrusive thoughts, though he sometimes slips up and counts out loud.


Hygiene is completely optional to Huey. He'll try to shower at least twice a week, but he's not bothered if he doesn't have access to such a thing for more than a week. He cleans up well when he puts in the effort and he does keep himself clean enough when he's prostituting.


Contacts & Relations

Family Ties

Religious Views

Huey is quite spiritual, though it's nothing he'd admit to or openly share with even close friends. Most of the population in Romaya are monotheistic, believing in Vokresh, the personification of the ring of eternity. It's a god of life, death, and reincarnation. While most are comforted by that, Huey is terrified of the thought of dying and becoming someone else. He has a quiet respect for Vokresh and what the god represents, but he doesn't want to remain trapped within its never-ending cycle.

Social Aptitude

Huey is able to handle socialization with no problems. He was raised in a city and is educated to some degree, so he didn't miss out on learning the social graces of the world. He's very much an extrovert and enjoys talking with others, whether they exchange knowledge or gossip. While his friendly demeanor is disarming, his blunt honesty works against him sometimes and leaves him looking rude or even obnoxious. When inebriated, all bets are off and he turns into a babbling conspiracy theorist.

Hobbies & Pets

His hobbies are collecting bones, tabletop games, hunting, hairdressing, and archery. He had a tamed leopard named Cayde. He's combat trained and knows several useful tricks. He's also intelligent after being magically awakened, so he understands three languages. As of now, Cayde spends much of his time on the ship. Huey has replaced him with a Spira Bandersnatch named Flora.


Voice Claim: Matthew Mercer
  • Huey has a thick, Slavic accent. Despite its thickness, his voice is smooth and he speaks clearly to avoid being misunderstood. His pitch is on the lower end, but not startlingly deep. He swears freely when it's natural, but it's not a habitual thing for him.
Neutral Evil
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Maritime Pilot
Monster Hunter
Date of Birth
GTS 765/7-1/20
Year of Birth
765 GTS 34 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of sexual violence.
A village in Romaya.
Current Residence
Right eye is hazel with a black sclera, left eye is severely injured. (Formerly)
Both are bright green with black sclera. (Current)
Wavy, long, and chestnut brown with a couple streaks of gray.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deep, warm brown and scarred.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"No risk, no story."
"If you don't terrify people a little bit, then what's the point?"
"Are you flirting with me or trying to start a fight?"
"Once you care, you're fucked."
"If you don't want a sarcastic answer, don't ask a stupid question."
Known Languages
Common, abyssal, elven, draconic, infernal, and goblin.
by Frankie V.
Back Tattoo
by Frankie V.
Neck Tattoo
by Frankie V.
Right Arm Tattoo
by Frankie V.
Left Hip Tattoo


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