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Nathan Pell

Nathan Sue Pell (a.k.a. Nate)

A human alchemist and a pirate about the Rolling Storm.

Physical Description

Body Features

His shoulders and forearms are covered in dark freckles of varying size. He has almond shaped eyes and sandy facial hair that's usually shaved, aside from a small patch on his chin. He wears eyeglasses.

Identifying Characteristics

His eyebrows are usually singed and permanently patchy. He has uneven, choppy hair and a large birthmark on his right shoulder blade, as well as a smaller one on his ankle.

Physical quirks

Chronic ringing in his ears.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nathan was born on a farm in rural Numverae, the first of two children. His late sister passed away in infancy, and he spent most of his youth helping his parents work the fields to grow crop. Plagued by the spirits of restless undead, when he was old enough, he left home for a nearby city, hoping to leave the specters behind. Instead, they followed him, haunting him throughout the course of his occupational apprenticeships and years of work.   Eventually, he filled a role for a traveling alchemist aboard a sailing ship, hoping that with distance from Numverae, the ghosts would finally be left behind. Instead, they became seemingly enraged by his attempts to flee, causing the ship to befall misfortune after misfortune before wrecking in the midst of a storm, leaving most of the crew dead. Nate made it, alone, to a small strip of land where he was eventually discovered by a crew of pirates. They offered his life for his services aboard their ship and, terrified of what they would do if he told them the truth about the shipwreck, he agreed, keeping the specters a secret for his own well-being.   During a raid on Jacksonville, Nathan was discovered by another crew of pirates, who commandeered him for their own ship. He nervously went along with his his captors, silently terrified of the next time the specters, which now seemingly included spirits of the deceased from his first shipwreck, would retaliate again. In time, he grew comfortable with the crew, and his secret was eventually discovered. He remains with them today, now a pirate aboard the Rolling Storm.

Gender Identity



Strictly monogamous


Nathan was homeschooled throughout much of his childhood, and spent his adolescence and some of his adulthood apprenticing under an alchemist and a mathematician.


After leaving the home of his youth, where he worked alongside his parents as a farm hand, Nathan worked as an apprentice and also did work in a bakery before accepting a job as a junior/assistant banker. He eventually hired as a traveling alchemist by a crew of sailors, and is now a pirate.

Morality & Philosophy

  • Individuals should be free and capable to make the best (or worst) decisions for themselves.
  • People ought to enact justice in the way they see fit - not leave it in the hands of corrupt authorities or other unrelated parties.
  • Loyalty is honorable (when it's a choice), but promises can be broken when one's own life is at risk.
  • Life is not without value - neither is it sacrosanct.
  • Be good to those who are good to you, do right by those who do right by you.
  • Laws imposed by those in power are inherently arbitrary.
  • Every peoples deserve the regime and the treatment that they are willing to endure.
  • Taboos

    As a romantic, Nate's biggest taboo is infidelity in a relationship, whether romantic or strictly sexual.

    Personality Characteristics


    For a very long time, Nate has been trying unsuccessfully to outrun the ghosts and spirits that follow him wherever he goes. Other than that, he lives in pursuit of alchemical knowledge, relishing the thrill of his experimentation.

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Nate has a love and passion for alchemy that is reflected in his skill. He can craft bombs and potions that hearm, heal, buff, and do elemental damage. He is smart and good with using (and disabling) both magical and mundane contraceptions. He can read technical writing with ease, and has a vast wealth of knowledge on the arcane. He's sharp and good with his hands.   Socially, he is nervous and awkward, and persuasion and intimidation are both weaknesses of his. He looks unassuming and, despite being on sea, he's not a particularly strong swimmer.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Nate considers himself a scientist. He loves alchemy and mathematics, and has an interest in physics. He's especially into the physical manifestations of science; he's much more interested in the matter than the theory. He enjoys the thrill of plain experimentation and since he was young, he's always had an attraction to smoke, fire, and explosions.   Outside of that, he's curious about the arcane and has a general love of learning. He likes books, seashells, tea, and frogs.   He likes being a part of a group or community, but has no desire to lord power over anyone else. He finds most rulers to be inherently corrupt.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Nate is agreeable, helpful, friendly, loyal, warm, passionate, inventive, creative, and resourceful.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    He's nervous, reckless, cluttered, scatterbrained, anxious, and occasionally dramatic.


    Contacts & Relations

  • Jean DeFouineur - Romantic partner. After a prior falling out, the two initially agreed to take it slow, but have since become open about their relationship not only to their friends, but to the rest of the crew.
  • Huey Romero - Friend. Huey was Nathan's first contact with the crew, and it was under less than pleasant circumstances. Forced to leave his former ship under duress, the two quickly became friendly despite their initial encounter.
  • Twenty-Two - Friend.
  • Amelia Tilly - Friend.
  • Speech

    He talks fast and loud, with a stutter that is usually slight, but becomes severe when he's nervous or uncomfortable.
    Sea Sign
    Currently Boarded Vehicle
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Date of Birth
    The 1st of Tripletail Waning, 763 Great Tsunami
    Year of Birth
    763 GTS 36 Years old
    Light brown
    Ashy brown, short and choppy
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    "Basically, I'm just a catalyst of disasters"
    "I'll just wing it"
    "I don't want to be a secret."

    Known Languages
    Common, Draconic, Dark Folk, Halfling

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